MPLS Network

Our multi-million dollar network infrastructure. Your business vision.

Connect directly to the Vonage cloud through our private Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. An MPLS network can be the backbone of a robust enterprise business communications system.

What is an MPLS network?

MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching, a technique for routing network communication packets. In a traditional, non-MPLS network, packets are routed at each hop. But with MPLS, as a packet makes its way along its path, each router updates the outer label and forwards it onto the next hop. Read more about what MPLS is, and how it could benefit your business communications.

24/7 monitoring. End-to-end visibility.

We maintain visibility on everything that's happening on our MPLS network; monitoring both the connectivity and performance of our circuits. From your laptop to our server, we respond if there are any issues. We are so proactive about MPLS QoS that normally we’ve made the fix before you even know it.

Enhanced MPLS QoS

Our dedicated MPLS network with 21 POPS nationwide can manage the latency, jitters, and packet loss parameter on your network. We provide encryption, and we control how the network is trafficked—so your business-critical voice, video, and applications get appropriate bandwidth and priority.

MPLS WAN: Hybrid networks when you need them

Whether you’re connecting via broadband, our private MPLS network, or wireless, we can add SD-WAN technology for enhanced QoS. We can even build SD-WAN hybrid solutions that maximize WAN QoS while maintaining the control and privacy of our MPLS network. Learn more about hybrid networks.

Architected to be robust and reliable

Our MPLS network is built on advanced, highly distributed software architecture. It provides high performance. It has massive scale-out capabilities. And it runs on best-in-class hardware. And at Vonage, we partner with top technology providers to design and deploy one of the most robust and reliable private networks in the industry.

Up and running in no time

Our stress-free deployment protocols make it easy to set up or transition to Vonage without a business hiccup. Our SD-WAN solutions can give our Enterprise Platform customers elevated quality of service while their network is being built.

  • Hands-on implementation. Your assigned project management team runs you through everything from the installation process to number porting to end user training.
  • Orange Glove Service, 24x7x365. Once your system is up, we’re still with you—from backend monitoring to always being a step ahead of business interruptions. Orange Glove Service means our award winning IT support is always a phone call away.

SIP trunking for MPLS QoS

By adding SIP Trunking over this dedicated MPLS network, you can get elevated quality of service and cloud capabilities on your traditional PBX system. You’ll get impeccable call quality and access to the advanced cloud services you need to maintain your competitive edge.

Business communications with
a rock-solid backbone
Premise-based routers, switches, and firewalls keep customers connected whenever and wherever they need it.
Redundancy, strong authentication, and encryption keep high-priority voice, video, apps, and data protected.
Seamless connectivity with 99.999% uptime on our MPLS network (Vonage Enterprise).
Ongoing change and configuration management and support continuously keeps your MPLS network best in class.

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Our Recommended Platform
Reimagine how business gets done
From cloud-hosted phones on your current broadband to UCaaS solutions on a dedicated network, Vonage is partnering with businesses like yours, in ways never imagined. Cost-effective ways. Revenue-building ways. Once thought impossible ways.
Vonage® Enterprise

Enterprise-grade unified communications

One of the nation’s largest purpose-built MPLS networks
Advanced features including conferencing for up to 300 users
Elevated quality of service for voice, video, and data communications
End-to-end managed installation and dedicated service teams
Deep integration ties phone service to top business applications
Enable mobile workers and connect multiple offices seamlessly
Reliable and scalable solutions for inbound, outbound, and multi-site contact centers
Hybrid network and bring your own broadband options with SD-WAN
Find out how Vonage can help your business communicate better.

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