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Call Tracking

Phone systems capture incoming sales leads and guide them toward conversion. But without call tracking, businesses can overlook critical insights and miss out on lead generation and the campaign optimization opportunities. 

Leverage Vonage Communications APIs for call tracking to attribute every inbound call to a marketing activity.

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What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking correlates inbound phone calls to specific marketing campaigns, keywords, and advertisements. So, you can track phone calls to see exactly which of your marketing activities encouraged a prospective customer to call your business.

Harness the Benefits of Call Tracking Software With Vonage Communications APIs

Knowing where calls come from and what triggers them enables you to generate more leads, optimize campaigns, and drive conversions. Here are the main benefits that you can unlock by using Vonage Communications APIs for phone call tracking:

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Easily Track Marketing Campaigns

Do your marketing campaigns generate inbound calls that lead to sales? If so, call tracking can demystify the campaigns, ads, and channels that drive results by attributing calls to specific marketing campaigns. 


Closed-loop attributions fill in critical data gaps, facilitating a seamless data flow between sales and marketing. Gauge the performance of marketing campaigns by observing the volume of inbound calls they generate, as well as further details. Vonage Communications APIs collect all of this data for you behind the scenes — no manual data entry required.


Illustration showing some of the steps of the buying cycle, from researching products to buying online to the delivery.

Streamline and Optimize Lead Generation

When you know exactly which channels and campaigns lead to inbound calls, you can optimize them to suit customer needs and preferences. 


Phone call tracking via Vonage Communications APIs doesn’t limit you to tracking only inbound calls originating from your website. By assigning virtual numbers, you can also track calls coming from other online and offline channels — your email newsletter, social media page, billboard ads, and more. 


Armed with this information, marketers can ensure that their lead generation campaigns are delivered to the right channels and are targeting the right type of customer. Lead generation budgets, too, can be more accurately aligned with this data, leading to lower customer acquisition costs.


Illustration of person using technology to route calls.

Enact Proactive Call Routing

Call tracking tells you which marketing activity triggered an incoming call before you’ve even picked up the phone. Using the wealth of data you’ve collected, you can accurately determine which department or agent should answer the call and route it appropriately. 

Guide prospects down the smoothest path to conversion, minimizing tedious call transfers, driving faster resolutions, and improving the customer experience. The Vonage Voice API even includes built-in IVR capabilities so that you can quickly route calls without needing to set up a separate IVR system.

How Does Call Tracking Work With Vonage Communications APIs?

So, you know what online call tracking can do — but how does it work? What’s great about call tracking with Vonage Communications APIs is that it requires very little manual work from you. Simply set it up and let the tech do the rest. 

Here’s how:


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Provision Virtual Numbers as Needed

Call tracking software assigns your online and offline campaigns and clients with a unique virtual phone number. This trackable number is advertised within the campaign as a way for prospective customers to reach out should they need to contact your business.

Illustration showing a business owner studying customer behavior and other data to improve CX.

Data’s Captured in the Background

When an interested lead dials this virtual number, they’re given a unique tracking number. Call tracking software collects their customer data and links it to their history. So, you can view the caller’s journey via every touchpoint they’ve made with your brand.


Discover what website pages they interacted with,  what questions they asked before calling, and what their last activity was before reaching out.


This is all alongside invaluable call analytics.  Call tracking solutions collect call volumes, durations, cost-per-call, date, time, and much more.


Image of analytics being displayed on laptop screen

Build Reports and Take Actions Based on the Insights

Generate in-depth reports to access actionable campaign and customer journey insights. Reports help you assess your current performance, visualize your entire customer journey, and utilize advanced analytics to optimize touchpoints and campaigns. 


With Vonage, reports can be generated via our online dashboard. Alternatively, you can generate campaign reports via your own application. To do this, you can use our Management APIs.


What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking For Your Business?

We’ve touched on a few of the benefits of call tracking for business — specifically, campaign optimization, lead generation, and proactive call routing. But there are even more benefits that you can reap to improve your marketing, sales, and call center efficiency:

  • Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Business call tracking reduces silos between marketing and sales, giving them access to the same customer data in a centralized location. This enables those teams to harmonize their initiatives. With a unified view of the customer journey, marketing can generate high-quality leads for sales, and sales can deliver a consistent, personalized experience to nurtured leads.

  • Optimize Marketing Budgets

With insight into which marketing activities drive results, you can accurately allocate more of your marketing budget toward higher-performing campaigns, channels, and ads. Track lead quality, call volumes, and conversion rates to decrease marketing ad spend and cost-per-lead, and thus boost return on investment.

  • Refine Marketing Messages

Which content formats and marketing messages resonate most with your audience? Which channels generate high-quality leads and what motivates them to convert? Leverage the insights generated from your call tracking system to refine high-performing campaigns and adapt — or scrap — low-performing ones.

  • Streamline and Personalize Customer Experiences

Thanks to call tracking, agents know exactly who’s calling before they pick up the phone — along with all of their previous brand interactions. This can speed up call resolutions and reduce transfers, creating smoother, more painless experiences. Plus, agents can use this data to anticipate customer needs and personalize interactions.

  • Improve Customer Journey Mapping

Call tracking insights can uncover points of friction in your customer journey, which you can then eliminate to drive more customers toward conversion. Using data collected from call tracking software — common customer journey routes, FAQs, and more, — you can create a comprehensive customer journey map that helps you meet the needs of prospects at every touchpoint.

  • Increase Agent Efficiency and Performance

When agents have to hunt around for customer data, it slows down their workflow and reduces productivity. The longer your call durations are, the fewer conversions agents are able to make. Call tracking software gives agents immediate access to customer information so that they can confidently and speedily respond to customer issues.



Get Call Tracking Capabilities and a Whole Lot More From Vonage

No two call tracking services are created the same. When you choose to use Vonage Communications APIs for call tracking, you can access sophisticated and streamlined call tracking capabilities that enable you to improve your marketing campaigns at scale.

As well as being able to link phone calls to marketing activities, Vonage Communications APIs help you capture call metadata. From call completion statuses to call duration and cost-per-call, access all the metrics you need for complete visibility and insight into the value of your phone calls and marketing campaigns. 

Eliminate guesswork and alleviate doubts. Know exactly where your calls come from and what motivates customers to pick up the phone.

FAQs About Call Tracking

Call attribution and call tracking are essentially the same thing. Call attribution refers to the method of tracking phone calls to establish which marketing sources they originated from, providing insight into the performance of marketing campaigns. Call attribution is made possible using call tracking software.

If you’re on a budget or just looking for simple, no-frills call tracking, then standalone inbound call tracking software for small business may deliver what you need. However, for those looking for capabilities beyond call tracking, a standalone solution will be limiting.

Marketing attribution is one of the most valuable insights you can glean from call tracking. Uncover the channels and campaigns that not only prompt leads to call your business but also encourage them to make a purchase.

In truth, any company where sales are supported by calls can benefit from call tracking, regardless of whether you’re business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). Some industries in particular, though, heavily rely on phone calls as a path to conversion. These include automotive, finance, insurance, legal, real estate, health services,  and home services.

Yes. Depending on the solution you choose, you should be able to integrate call tracking with a range of marketing and business tools including your call center system, CRM, and collaboration tools.

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