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How Can Your Contact Center Be a Revenue Generator?

This article was published on April 7, 2024

Inside Sales is a long-established and important function in many organizations. It can be seen as a starting point for a career in selling. With the right tools and processes, this position and department can also be a critical part of company revenue generation. Read on to learn more.

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What Makes an Inside Sales Team Successful?

Understanding consumer behavior matters to Inside Sales teams. A recent article by the Data & Marketing Association highlights how important an emotional connection has become in building brand loyalty. In fact, multiple studies over the years have uncovered that customers with an emotional connection are twice as likely to purchase, repurchase, and recommend to others.

So, putting the tools in place to help your Inside Sales teams create emotional connections and positive experiences is the key to turning your contact center into a revenue generator.

The Benefits of a Contact Center for Inside Sales Teams

Best practices are delivered by simply having all the contact center data, across all interactions, automatically captured and stored in the CRM. A contact center solution can help the Inside Sales team to live within their CRM, automatically logging every interaction with the prospect or customer. This removes laborious administration, frees up more selling time, and ensures the customer history is properly stored.

  • Time savings: With AI-powered virtual assistants and bots freeing up agent time for more productive work, now is the time to start thinking of your contact center as a revenue generator rather than a cost center. Similarly, AI-powered speech analytics can quickly uncover insights for both agents and management to help them do their jobs better.

  • Improved experiences: This customer intelligence, along with click-to-dial, dynamic routing, and screen pops of customer data, ensures that they can create personalized, seamless, consistent and integrated experiences.

  • Team management: Management can also use the CRM data to make decisions about the Inside Sales organization, the communications channels to prioritize, and when to present a real or virtual agent. The data also helps to identify top performers and their behaviors, which can then be replicated in the rest of the team. Once there’s a clear picture of what success looks like, it becomes far easier to ramp new starters with optimum selling habits from day one.

  • Bridging sales and marketing: With all customer interactions captured, any barriers between sales and marketing come tumbling down, with the data backing up conversations about lead quality and sales activity.

Vonage Contact Center Can Help

By way of example, Vonage’s customer Inside-Global doubled their number of outbound sales agents due to an 11% uplift in call engagement, 10% productivity improvement in the first two months, and 100% faster dial times. The Vonage Global Customer Engagement Report 2024 uncovered that 36% of customers purchase additional products as a result of a great customer experience, 23% become willing to pay a little bit more, and 52% become more loyal.

For a more in-depth review about how your contact center can become a revenue generator, check out our “The Perpetual Challenges of Inside Sales Teams” ebook.

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