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Integrations Are Communications Superpowers For Businesses

This article was published on April 5, 2024

When you think of superpowers, you probably imagine a comic book superhero flying above the stratosphere, or someone with telekinetic abilities who moves objects with their mind. But not all superpowers are supernatural.


In the business world, superpowers can include tools that help team members boost their collaboration or quickly answer a question that saves the day for a customer.


Companies may use individual tools like unified communications and customer relationship management platforms. While these technologies are helpful on their own, they unlock more value when working together. Enter: Integrations. Read on to learn more.


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Integration Superpowers for Enterprises 

Bigger businesses may have more resources than their smaller counterparts, but they're also under more pressure to provide strong customer experiences. Business communications integrations can help enterprises enhance employee productivity and delight customers while earning their loyalty. Let’s look at just a few of the Vonage Business Communications (VBC) integrations or superpowers that can help take bigger businesses to the next level.

Microsoft Teams

Many businesses with remote and hybrid workforces rely on Microsoft Teams to help their employees collaborate via video and voice. If call-quality issues bring important conversations to a sudden halt, productivity and experiences can be negatively affected. But never fear — the right integration superpowers can prevent these situations. VBC for Microsoft Teams and VBC Voice for Microsoft Teams provide reliability and enterprise-grade phone quality, all in the familiar Microsoft Teams interface.

VBC for Microsoft Teams provides an enterprise-grade PBX phone system with over 30 premium calling features (e.g., Follow Me) and 99.999% uptime reliability.* Plus, direct routing powered by Vonage provides improved call quality and disaster recovery. VBC Voice for Microsoft Teams delivers cost-effective calling options for your entire organization with as many as 15 calling features (e.g., Call Recording) and the same 99.999%* uptime reliability. This integration gives your teams the right features to support their daily operations.

*The 99.999% claim is based on Vonage's average up-time and/or availability.

Team Collaboration

Slack supports rapid collaboration and efficiently organizes shared workflows, and the Vonage for Slack integration adds calling to the mix. This lets your team easily make and receive calls or arrange video conferences, and even add internal or external users as needed.

Zapier's automated tasks provide the flexibility businesses need to increase internal productivity and provide strong CX. The Vonage integration with Zapier takes this a step further with capabilities like a VBC trigger (e.g., New Call Recording) or a VBC action (e.g., Delete a Call Recording). This lets your employees create a "Zap," which then completes a specific task in any app linked to Zapier.

The Vonage for Hubspot integration helps your marketing, sales, service, and operations teams improve performance. How? With features like call logging with click-to-call, reporting, contacts sync, and call notes and tagging — saving your employees time with every inbound and outbound call.


Customer support professionals use customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to stay on top of conversations and drive sales. VBC integrates with leading CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Netsuite to help agents focus on what's most important — customer needs — instead of hunting for the right information.

Vonage for Microsoft Dynamics 365** seamlessly integrates VBC with your customer information, letting your customer support professionals auto-create records for incoming calls and auto-save call activities and notes in Microsoft Dynamics. If they receive an incoming call from a phone number they haven’t seen before, they can quickly add that number to a new or existing contact.

**This integration is only available in the US.

The Vonage for Salesforce CRM integration provides rich functionality from within the browser as an extension, enabling automated call logging, call tagging and note-taking, inbound and outbound screen pops, and click-to-dial capabilities. These enhancements boost both employee and customer experiences and create easy access to more accurate data analytics.

The Vonage for NetSuite integration seamlessly connects to key features within the NetSuite CRM, empowering medium-size and large companies to optimize their use of customer data. Agents can quickly create contacts while on calls with new customers, adding information as needed. Plus, agents get a more intuitive view of call analytics that can help them easily review data based on real-time call statistics.

Customer Experience

VBC integrations with applications like Zendesk can help create efficiencies that elevate customer experience. Less time spent on administrative tasks means your teams can focus on building meaningful customer relationships.

The Vonage for Zendesk integration enables pop-up notifications from within the Chrome browser, letting your sales professionals know immediately who's calling and why. Missed screen pops also help them quickly follow up on opportunities.

Soar to New Heights With Vonage Business Communications Integrations

Like a superhero swooping in to save the day, your business can use its integration superpowers for good — in this case, elevating employee and customer experiences. Powerful and easy-to-use Vonage Business Communications integrations with Microsoft Teams, CRMs, and other business tools can take your company to new heights.

Want to learn more about integrations? Check out our ebook "Integrations: A Business Communication Superpower."

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