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Call Screening

Let your team screen (possibly unwanted) calls, so they can focus on the calls that matter.

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What is Call Screening?

Call Screening gives you control over your calls before you decide to answer them. Users can set rules for inbound callers, requiring them to identify themselves by recording their name, which gives your team just what they need to decide how to handle the call — decline it, answer it, forward it to someone else, or send it to voicemail.


Benefits of Call Screening

Vonage offers cutting-edge communications technology that hundreds of companies use to collaborate internally and connect with their customers every day. Our Unified Communications solution provides 50+ features, including Call Screening, that are flexible, scalable, and easy to use. This feature is already a part of your VBC service.

  • Control — Callers announce themselves before the employee or agent answers the call, so they can decide how to handle the call.

  • Customization — Your team can customize the call screen greeting by either recording their voice or uploading an MP3 or WAV file.

  • Ease of use — Users can choose how to handle a call — answer it, transfer it, or send it to voicemail — with a simple keypad selection.

  • No surprises — Users know exactly who is calling before answering the phone. With this additional information, they can make a decision about what to do with that call at that time.


Great for work-related calls!

"I am extremely impressed with the flexibility Vonage offers. The ability to take calls on my phone, at my desk, or on my computer at home is a game-changer for me. It allows me to be available for my clients whenever they need me, making them feel like I am always there for them."

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Verified 4.5 star review via G2
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Still have questions about Vonage Call Screening?

To access VBC services and apps, including our call-screening capabilities, start by selecting a VBC plan that is right for your business. View our plans and buy online, schedule a conversation, or simply call 855-430-6401 to discuss your needs with a business VoIP expert.

This feature is part of your VBC service. The default setting is disabled; to enable, you just toggle it on.


1. Call Screening prompts inbound callers to record their name with a message like “Who may I say is calling?” — users can customize the message. 

2. The caller hears “Please wait while I locate your party.”

3. Call Screening rings the user’s extension, plays the caller’s recorded name — i.e., “You have a call from (name)” — and offers a list of options to handle the call. 

4. The user decides whether to take the call, decline it, put it on hold, or otherwise dispose of it.

Call Screening is automatically enabled on all Vonage Business Communications accounts. The admin can set it up for all of the accounts at the business, or end users can set it up and control it on an individual basis — just go to Settings, click Extensions, and toggle the feature on or off.

To record a caller prompt recording, go to Settings in your Vonage Business Communications account. Click Extensions, and you will see three buttons — Play (plays the standard message), Record (lets you record a personalized message with your phone), or Upload (you can upload a recording from your computer).

There is no extra charge for Call Screening — it’s included in your Vonage Business Communications plan, along with a wealth of other features like Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, and Voicemail to Email.

Call Screening gives your team more control over their workflow, arming them with additional information before answering a call so they can focus only on important calls. It also adds a level of personalization; if the caller isn’t saved in the user’s contacts, Call Screening can identify the caller so the user can refer to them by name, possibly even know what the call is about.

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