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Vonage Is Now Chrome Enterprise Recommended for Contact Centers

This article was published on October 6, 2021

When industry analyst Lori Bocklund asked contact center professionals, "What are your top challenges?,” the answer was clear: agility.* In fact, she says “Not enough centers had [agility], and going forward, everybody needs it.” That means contact center managers must deploy remote agents quickly and easily. IT managers must provide devices that are simple to use and secure. And agents need to be able to focus on providing great customer experiences rather than struggling with technology. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Vonage Contact Center is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended—one of the first to be recommended by Google in the new contact center category. It’s all part of our commitment to deliver outstanding service.

image indicates that Vonage is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended for contact centers

Spend Less Time on Devices, More on Customer Experience

Vonage Contact Center and Chrome OS work together to help agents get more work done.

That’s because Vonage Contact Center on Chromebooks boots up in only a few seconds. Agents can work from anywhere, without the need to install software, manage OS updates, or worry about battery life and peripherals. Quite simply, agents can focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Since Chromebooks are built-for-purpose cloud devices, they serve as an ideal endpoint for the cloud-delivered services of Vonage Contact Center, including integration with CRMs, unified communications, and office applications. And your agents can conveniently engage with customers through their channel of choice, including video, and immediately access all relevant data.

Share the IT Love

Vonage Contact Center and Chromebooks present an IT-friendly solution. Both are easy to deploy and include built-in security features to protect your company and customer data. This helps you get your distributed workforce up and running fast.

In his No Jitter article, "5 Reasons Why Chromebooks Make Sense for Agents", analyst Dave Michels further details the benefits, such as simplicity, versatility, and enterprise integration. These factors are driving forces as contact centers and businesses migrate from on-premises to cloud-based requirements. For individual agents, a single Chromebook can conceivably replace a desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam, and smartphone. That’s simplicity and efficiency.

The Contact Center Global Customer Engagement Report
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Save, Save, Save

The Forrester report commissioned by Google—“The Total Economic Impact™ of Shared Google Chrome OS Devices”—dives deeper into the cost savings and business benefits derived from using Chrome OS devices. These include IT management and services, hardware and software licensing, and training. Employees using Chrome devices saw productivity improvements as a result of easier collaboration, easy device logins, and access and portability of their data from one device to another.

Gone are the days when agents hand their computer to IT or wait for long downloads when updates are needed. Agents don’t have to work across multiple software solutions to view pertinent data or identify key findings and opportunities. And when agents are equipped to be more self-sufficient, it lessens the load on IT. It’s the trifecta of saving time, money, and energy, which significantly reduces your costs of providing exemplary customer service.

Focus on Your Agents and Customers

Now you can better focus your attention on your agents and customers. For example, Conversation Analyzer uses speech analytics to help you discover ways to improve customer service and unearth new product and sales opportunities. Visual Engagement enables a 1:1 video chat and screen sharing to deliver a new level of engagement. And our AI Virtual Assistant enhances self-service by enabling your customers to make their requests in natural language.

Learn More

Ready to add some agility to your contact center? Want to help your agents do what they do best? Then discover how Vonage and Google can help integrate your contact center and business communications.

*Source: “Contact Center Challenges and Priorities for 2021: A Year Like No Other” by Lori Bocklund, Contact Center Pipeline, January 2021.

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By Kay Phelps Contact Center Practice Leader

Kay brings over 20 years of contact center experience—across product development, systems engineering, product management, and product marketing—to her role at Vonage. Kay also taps into her expertise as a frequent blogger, author, and presenter. And her collective knowledge helps companies deliver excellence in customer experiences. Outside of work, you can find Kay hiking, skiing, reading, or traveling.

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