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What You Need to Know: Customer Experience (CX) As We Move Forward

This article was published on September 16, 2020

With health and safety being a top priority, many organizations had to make the conscious decision to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to support a new environment—one that delivers a consistent experience on all communications channels. From healthcare to retail, logistics to education, and many other industries, how does this new environment affect your organization and what does this mean for consumers? Let's take a look.

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The global pandemic set the stage for something many of us weren’t ready to deal with on any level. Stay-at-home orders and quarantines tested people’s limits, requiring them to adapt to a new way of life. According to one survey, at least 35 percent of employers have noticed an increase in mental health support because of their employees’ social isolation and economic anxiety. With so many people feeling overwhelmed and worried about what happens next, it’s critical to remember the start of the pandemic meant the end of “business as usual.” 

As we embark on the “new normal,” how you engage and communicate with customers will be more crucial than ever. Consumers now expect a customer experience that is genuine, seamless, and memorable.

When Organizations Prioritize Digital Transformation 

With health and safety being a top priority, many organizations had to make the conscious decision to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to support a new environment—one that delivers a consistent experience on all communications channels. What does this new environment look like for consumers? Depends on who you ask.

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For healthcare, it looks like a private medical practice that provides a telehealth service for patients, saving physical office visits for when it matters most. Looking for a quick online health check to stay hyper-vigilant against COVID-19? Healthcare providers with easy survey portals not only lend a service to their consumers but also collect valuable data for themselves.

For retailers, it’s the convenience and joy a consumer gains from shopping online for a new pair of shoes, a video game, or cosmetics. And even more satisfying, the text notification a consumer receives when it’s time to pick up their purchases using the retailer’s drive-up service. Need something delivered within the hour or the next day? Last-mile delivery is faster than ever. There’s little chance of surprises or late deliveries when logistics companies use technology that’s built with communications APIs, keeping both retailers and consumers up-to-date on their delivery status.

And for education, it’s the accelerated transition from physical to virtual classrooms, with increased demand from students of every age in their quest for personal and professional development. The classroom door now opens for students from a mobile device, tablet, or laptop. Anytime and anywhere learning means security and scalability are more important than ever.

Improve, Innovate and Grow With Simplus and Vonage 

Communication goes hand-in-hand with customer experience. That’s why organizations across the world rely on Vonage for its comprehensive and innovative technology stack across unified communications, contact center, and programmable APIs. 

Simplus, a Platinum Certified Salesforce Partner, has a wide range of expertise in Salesforce integration, consulting, implementation, and training services. When personalized customer experiences are a priority, Simplus understands how to tailor the integration between Salesforce and Vonage for the most optimal results in your industry.

As a Vonage partner for both API and Applications, Simplus provides custom solutions for customer experience with the Vonage API platform, including its Messages API for Salesforce. With their wealth of experience, including a Platinum Salesforce Partner status, Simplus provides enterprise-wide digital transformation throughout the Salesforce ecosystem.

They also provide consultation for businesses implementing Vonage Contact Center. Moving forward, innovation and growth are crucial to organizations that want to strengthen communications and relationships with their customers.

Deliver a Seamless and Memorable Customer Experience

Flexible and customizable, you can create personalized experiences for your customers with Vonage. Vonage APIs connect to various applications, including Vonage Contact Center and CRMs such as Salesforce and its business workflows, chatbots, and more. Whether your business is looking for an “out-of-the-box” solution like Vonage Business Communications Cloud and Vonage Contact Center (formerly New Voice Media) or a custom communications solution like Vonage APIs, Vonage has the world’s most flexible communications platform.  

At the same time, you can increase engagement and optimize developing costs with easy integration to SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Organizations can also use Vonage APIs to securely connect with customers with voice, video, and authentication.

Wherever your customers are, Vonage can help you maintain a single conversation consistent with your brand. As a Salesforce partner, Vonage integrates with several Salesforce products, including Einstein Analytics, High-Velocity Sales, Omnichannel, Mulesoft, and any custom object within your Salesforce instance.

Together, Simplus and Vonage help businesses deliver a seamless and memorable experience for their customers.

Please view the webinar, “Customer Experience and the New Normal.” Or schedule a Simplus and Vonage Customer Experience Workshop.



Written by Vonage Staff

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