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Customers all over the globe are using phone numbers to quickly establish identity and provide security to their applications and platforms. Now Vonage has made it even easier — and you can sign up right now for early access to this powerful tool!

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Simplifying Two-Factor Authentication

At Vonage, we help hundreds of businesses send millions of 2FA requests in all major regions, including North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Our customers tell us they’re aware of the multitude of authentication options available — from less expensive options like email to more expensive (and more complex) soft tokens, SDKs, and even hard tokens like physical key fobs.

But there’s one simple, easy-to-use API that removes the complexity of 2FA at a global scale. Our Verify API can be tested in a matter of minutes and scaled globally in a matter of hours.

Today, we’re excited to announce we’re accepting applicants for Early Access to Verify 2.0. We’ve been working hard to enhance Verify, making it an even more powerful two-factor authentication tool for developers and businesses. To get started, simply fill out this form.

New Channels for Authentication

With 1.5 billion people registered and 500 million daily active users, WhatsApp is a popular channel all over the world, connecting people over a basic internet connection and serving as a great primary or secondary channel to SMS. WhatsApp has also proven itself to be an awesome way to authenticate end-users, which is why we’re excited to offer WhatsApp as a channel for Verify 2.0!

The WhatsApp channel will integrate seamlessly into our channel lineup for delivering one-time passwords. Verify will take care of all the complexity related to signing up for WhatsApp Business Account, with auto failover to SMS and Voice if and when needed.

Fraud Protection

The Vonage Platform deploys fraud monitoring to detect and take action when it detects unusual traffic, protecting your business from traffic-pumping fraud.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for PSD2

In 2019, Europe introduced new requirements for verifying online payments as part of PSD2. One such regulatory requirement is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which applies to “customer-initiated” payments, both online and contactless offline. It requires at least two of three elements: something the customer knows (one-time passcode); something the customer has (like a mobile phone or hardware token); and something the customer is (fingerprint or face recognition). 

With Verify for PSD2, your business can quickly implement Strong Customer Authentication for PSD2 use cases.

Improved Product Flexibility

Developers can now control how one-time passcodes are delivered using the "type" and "number" strings within the "to" array of the Verify API 2.0. This means applications can deploy 2FA in a manner that best suits end-users' preferences, or let Verify set the workflow based on what we see converts the best — one less thing for you to worry about!

For those businesses that see value in using Verify for global reach and auto failover but want to control the one-time passcode logic, we have a version of Verify called Verify Request that does just that. Simply pass along the "pin" parameter and let Verify work its magic.

Unique Pricing Models

Our self-service version of Verify deploys industry-standard pricing: per-conversion plus messaging/voice rates. But we’re so confident that Verify can deliver the best conversions for your application, we’re offering select customers a pricing model where you only pay for successful conversions and nothing else! (No charge for unsuccessful conversions; available to high-volume customers.)

Get early access to Verify 2.0 and our new WhatsApp authentication channel by applying on the link below!

Apply today for Early Access to Verify API 2.0!

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