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Global Diversity Awareness Month: ¡Vamos Vonage!

This article was published on October 13, 2022

As shared by Pedro Baltazar - Account Manager and Team lead and ¡Vamos Vonage! Leadership Team Member

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¡Vamos Vonage! is a group of individuals looking to connect and celebrate their Latin American roots. We always strive to build a connection with one another, find new ways to improve our work environment and increase our knowledge of our culture and industry. Another area of focus is to grow our work in our community and to find new avenues for generating a talent pipeline for Vonage. 

I hope that ¡Vamos Vonage! can promote change by not only bringing more diversity to Vonage but also through Latin American people feeling welcomed and encouraged to continue to grow every day at the organization. 

Vonage was my first experience working in the United States. As soon as I started working here, I had my first experience with imposter syndrome. Immediately, I became very afraid of making mistakes and I felt like I had to be perfect all the time to prove that I deserved to work here. 

Vonage employee Pedro Baltazar holding a baby

Looking back, I now realize that I was not going through imposter syndrome because of Vonage. My colleagues and superiors were amazing and remain so to this day. I was experiencing imposter syndrome because I was a foreigner working in a company outside my home country. Having gone through imposter syndrome, my work with ¡Vamos Vonage! is very intentional. Our goal is to create an environment of inclusivity and an understanding of others so people can be open enough to connect. 

Finally, I believe that the most important quality needed to help promote diversity is to always be open. We have to be willing to share our experiences and provide opportunities where we can talk honestly with people about differences in culture, opinions and even language. In my life, at work and in the community, I always try to be open to dialogue.

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