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The Vonage Integration Suite Just Got a Little Sweeter

This article was published on May 13, 2020

We’re excited to launch the next generation of our Vonage Integration Suite, enabling an improved integration experience for customers on our new, cloud-native platform, Vonage Business Cloud (VBC). The Vonage Integration Suite, and the Vonage integration platform that powers it, are the result of fully re-engineering our gUnify middleware technology.

The enhanced Integration Suite now offers a better overall integration experience with advanced contact management services, greater call control and note-taking features, customizable integration tools, and robust in-app help and support. When coupled with our Vonage Business Cloud platform, the integration suite enables businesses to empower employees, elevate their customer experience, and achieve better business outcomes by integrating with CRM, collaboration, and business productivity applications into one cloud-based unified communications platform. And, since the new integration suite was built using the Vonage integration platform, we’re able to extend these same improvements to our Vonage Enterprise offering, as well.

What separates the Vonage Integration Suite from most other integration approaches is its single connector interface that allows users to integrate multiple applications from a single application. The platform is supported on multiple browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge across devices. Key features include enhanced, integrated call metrics and reporting for call volume, history and usage data, seamless contact management and scheduling capabilities across multiple business applications, within a single interface, and configurable integration features for Click-to-dial, Web Launcher and Call Noting for a customized user experience.

New Integration with SugarCRM
Sweetening the deal, the enhanced suite now includes a new SugarCRM integration that includes automated call logging, seamless contact management, and screen pops that provide information on the customer calling alongside relevant account details. This integration enables those using SugarCRM with Vonage service to increase productivity from anywhere and any device.

To see the latest updates, visit our Vonage Integration Suite page.

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