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Now We're Talking

This article was published on May 13, 2020

This week marks the launch of our latest campaign. Over the past six years, we have been growing our business cloud communications capabilities. Our Unified Communications, Contact Centers and Communications APIs already help more than 100,000 organizations effectively and reliably grow.

photo of 1980s aerobics studio with the word "aerobics" written across is

In today’s climate, we help businesses ensure business continuity, allow remote working, and drive the remote delivery of services such as telemedicine and remote education.

We’re looking to engage two types of people-- the people in charge of choosing their company’s communication solutions and the developers who are building applications with embedded communications. We’ve learned that they both want to have a partner that they can trust so that they may more confidently move towards their goals, without getting mired down in the supporting communications infrastructure.

To show that Vonage is the right fit for the future they’re building, we needed to avoid the pitfalls that our competition readily embraced. We needed to steer away from getting lost in our own hype, from exploiting complexity that makes customers feel reliant, from using silly jargon and ultimately, from thinking that we were the heroes in this equation. 

Afterall, at Vonage, we believe that technology is supposed to make achieving your goals easier. So, we took a different approach from the category. Instead of getting lost in the complex jargon, we focused on communications that could empower business decision makers and developers by stripping back the BS and talking to them straight. Rather than exploiting the complexity that sometimes comes with new technology, we wanted to build a bridge.

Our approach was to play on the category’s use of stock footage but humanize it with humour. We kept it conversational and entertaining, never overcomplicating and never overly technical. 

Our new tagline “Now we’re talking” represents our straightforward, no-BS approach, while still reassuring our customers of our expertise.

The above aerobics is my favorite execution—one of many— in a fully integrated advertising campaign. There is much more to come.  

The team is incredibly excited for our next chapter of marketing. Vonage has a history of being the savvy challenger, the game changer, the rebellious champion for the people—both in our products and communications. Now will be no different. In a category that’s gotten lost in its own hype, we’re going to keep communications how they should be—straightforward. 

Now we’re talking.


By Written by Vonage Staff

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