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Protect Your Conversations with Verify API

This article was published on May 13, 2020

It all starts with communication. A voice call, a real-time chat message, SMS to voice - today’s communication channels are varied and available 24/7.

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Why Your Business Needs Verify API Capability to Be Successful

It all starts with communication.  A voice call, a real-time chat message, SMS to voice - today’s communication channels are varied and available 24/7. What separates the client and the business in the initial stage of communication is a single but vital security step - verification process that protects the conversation between your business and users. Sounds daunting? With Verify API capability it doesn’t have to be. 

What are Verify API capabilities?

Designed for simple implementation, Vonage’s Verify API allows developers of applications to protect against fraudulent sign-ups by deploying two factor authentication (2FA) over messaging and voice channels. With custom workflows and events developers and enterprises have even more control over the two factor authentication process.

The workflows allow customers to prioritize their preferred channels and to customize the failover sequence for sending custom pin codes, driving higher conversions and higher levels of security, as well as add other channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as they become available.

Another benefit to the deployment of Verify API capability is that it builds trust and enables increased customer conversion across channels. With the ability to manage their own PIN codes, security-minded businesses with strict internal policies can deploy the Verify API to their end-users even faster and with greater control.

How Verify API helps businesses succeed

As businesses compete on the promise of seamless customer experience, the process of acquiring customers without compromising safe access becomes imperative. The 2FA process allows businesses to easily add a layer of protection by using a phone number to authenticate new and existing customers. In other words, Verify API capability allows businesses to acquire clients without concessions on the security, ensuring safe access by delivering time-limited, single-use authorization codes.

With security a high priority for businesses and clients alike, authentication is becoming an increasingly important factor in the client acquisition equation. Verify API allows businesses to prevent expensive fraudulent transactions using up-to-date phone number intelligence and confirm that you can contact a user at a specific number. Particularly, the Verify API enables businesses to:

  • Protect against spam, by preventing spammers from creating multiple accounts

  • Monitor suspicious activity, by forcing an account user to verify ownership of a number

  • Reach your users at any time, by ensuring that you have their correct phone number

Even better, Verify API capability helps businesses eradicate spam more effectively by blocking botnets and bulk account creation via frictionless phone verification for new users. Verify API not only enables users to customize their experience according to their preferences but  also supports and leads to a higher level of security.

See how Verify API is helping companies protect their businesses and their customers.

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