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Putting Names to Numbers: How to Increase Customer Engagement and Reduce Communication Costs With Number Insight

This article was published on June 8, 2020

We’re living in extraordinary times; remote work and distant connections have become more important than ever. Connecting to the right end-user is absolutely essential. But businesses are riddled with outdated databases and limited coverage, especially for mobile phone numbers. Unfortunately, traditional Caller ID solutions come up short.

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To answer these number data challenges, we have improved our Number Insight API. Using the most accurate and up-to-date databases available worldwide, Number Insight now returns the full name of a person or a business associated with a phone number, along with information on the carrier, network type, ported information, and more.

Businesses can confidently use those data points for critical use cases, such as validating records in their CRM systems, personalizing customer outreach, implementing caller ID, prioritizing outbound calls, and enhancing user onboarding and fraud scoring.

Let’s go over some popular use cases in industries that have found great value in Number Insight.

CRM Data Cleansing for Banks and Financial Services

Many banks and financial services firms send one-time passwords over SMS or voice to authenticate their users. To ensure that they don’t have stale phone numbers—when users haven’t logged in or updated their information in a while—financial institutions need to periodically validate or refresh details in their databases. By integrating Number Insight, they can ensure the availability and validity of caller name and phone number database pairings. No wasted communications on invalid or wrong numbers!

Caller Identification in Call Centers

Call centers can offer an enhanced customer experience by identifying callers from their phone numbers, even if the caller’s information does not already appear in the CRM. Additionally, caller names can help them prioritize the order in which they return missed calls based on their business needs. Context always helps.

User Onboarding and Fraud Scoring in E-commerce

When onboarding users, businesses can use caller names to perform a reverse lookup and confirm that users enter valid phone numbers associated with the name with which they want to sign up.

The caller name returned can even be matched with the name on the credit card used for transactions. Whether a name is returned for a phone number can further be used as a signal in their fraud-scoring engines.

Number Insight can serve as an easy initial screen to ensure you are connecting to the right person.

Tiered User Verification for Fintech Onboarding

Financial technology applications aim to weigh user acquisition online against compliance with know-your-customer (KYC) regulations. Using tiered verification, fintech apps can easily onboard users and reserve more intrusive forms of ID verification (i.e., involving government ID) for when the user initiates large transactions.

For an intermediate tier, the fintech apps can require a user to provide a phone number and use the Caller ID Name feature to match it with the name used at signup. And they can confirm ownership of the phone number with a one-time password (OTP).

Every year, millions of users unsuccessfully try to verify their app or accounts with a number that can’t receive communications, e.g. a landline or an invalid number. Companies lose those customers, and the customers just lose. Mobile number verification improves communication effectiveness, delivers higher conversion rates, and improves customer relationships. If you don't have insight into your numbers, you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers.

Number Insight is usually a one time check, a short step the first time a customer interacts with an app or service. But the benefits for customer engagement, marketing, and support continue for the life of the customer relationship.

Get a more detailed look by visiting this Number Insight API overview.

Guillermo Quintero Product Leader - Auth & Identity

Guillermo supports the team focused on Authentication & Identity solutions for Vonage’s API customers. He is responsible for leveraging new technologies to help combat fraud in an increasingly digital economy. He is a die-hard Chelsea Football fan and endurance sports junkie, often following professional bike races and planning the next trail adventure.

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