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Best-in-class global dialing capability integrated into Salesforce High Velocity Sales

This article was published on May 13, 2020


Salesforce launched its High Velocity Sales (HVS) offering in September 2018, designed to help inside sales teams speed up the sales process. The solution provides a sales cadence that populates each salesperson’s work queue guiding them on the next best step to take - emails and calls - all with the Einstein layer of intelligence baked in.

However, the ‘calls’ element is the bit we’re interested in for this article. Salesforce customers will require the Lightning Dialer to make calls with HVS. This dialer has not gained enormous traction to date, partly because its only available in the United States.

This is where Vonage comes in. Our CTI and ContactPad with click-to-dial functionality (formerly NewVoiceMedia) sits natively within Salesforce and is available globally. We also compliment the ContactPad with our Global Voice Assurance, routing calls using the most efficient path to provide crystal clear call quality that leverages the telephony infrastructure local to the caller or agent, wherever they’re located in the world. Calls can also be easily overflowed between regions, reducing customer wait time whilst maximizing customer experience. Global Voice Assurance allows calls to be distributed globally, consolidating administration and reporting, saving time and delivering insight into how your operation is performing both globally, and at a regional level.

To help our customers identify trends and uncover deep business insights from their daily activities, Vonage also provides a speech analytics module called Conversation Analyzer. This works exceptionally well with HVS, identifying keywords and trends, including specific competitor mentions, pricing discussions or product mentions. All calls can be scored and analyzed for cross-talk, talk-time, call events and insights to uncover agent best practices and areas for targeted improvement. Einstein AI can also be utilized for dashboards, reporting and making predictions based on data in Salesforce.

So, if you want best-in-class dialing capability in your contact center, optimized for both outbound and inbound dialing including voicemail, with invaluable analytics, seamlessly integrated into Salesforce and HVS, then Vonage should be on your shopping list. It’s also worth noting that Vonage is currently one of the few Salesforce-verified contact center solutions to integrate with HVS in UK/EMEA and one of a very small select group in North America.

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