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Vonage + TokBox = The Future of Programmable Communications: A note from Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer, Vonage

This article was published on May 13, 2020

Have you heard the big news? This morning we announced that Vonage has acquired San Francisco-based TokBox, the industry leader in WebRTC video APIs. We’re thrilled that TokBox is now part of Vonage and look forward to working with the innovative TokBox team to create powerful and cutting-edge programmable communications solutions for our customers.

What Does This Mean for Vonage?
With the addition of TokBox, Vonage is now the worldwide leader in programmable video. Our programmable Vonage API Platform now supports the most popular communication APIs - voice, SMS, and IP messaging via Nexmo, and video via TokBox. This unparalleled, fully integrated product offering will allow us to build meaningful, next-generation programmable communication experiences for our business customers, across industries. Combining the power and scope of the Vonage platform with the best-in-class capabilities of the TokBox programmable video offering allows us to shape the future of business communications.

So, Where Does Programmable Video Fit in the Future of Business Communications?
The short answer is that we believe ALL communication solutions will be programmable in the future. We’ve seen proof of that as employees and consumers demand better, more intuitive apps that make communication personal, relevant and seamless.

In recent years, business communications has undergone a massive shift to the cloud - a shift ultimately fueled by the power and potential of software. At Vonage we saw this trend years ago and began building a strong, programmable communications platform. First, by acquiring Nexmo, the Vonage API platform and providing developers with communication APIs that allow organizations to easily embed voice, messaging, phone verification and more into their applications. Then by building our Vonage Business Cloud platform from the ground (or cloud) up. With this vision for the future in mind, we understand the extraordinary value of TokBox’s programmable video technology. By adding TokBox to the Vonage platform, our developers will benefit from a simple, flexible and scalable programmable video solution that will allow them to create engaging, embedded communications experiences.

Big Opportunities Ahead
At Vonage we believe in the promise of video to create personal, interactive communication experiences in a virtually unlimited number of use cases for business. We’re not the only ones who think so. In fact, the research firm IDC expects the video PaaS market to exceed $7 billion by 2022, representing huge growth.

We can’t wait to work with the innovative TokBox team to bring new life into business communications with video solutions:

  • To allow patients and doctors to communicate by video when a quick response is needed, lowering costs and improving outcomes.
  • To empower remote learners to interact with teachers and professors face to face, facilitating lessons and strengthening connections.
  • To create important, face to face connections with your customers at any time, from anywhere on earth.

To all TokBox employees, developers, partners, and customers - welcome to the Vonage family. We’re excited to walk with you into the future of business communications.

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