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Vonage APIs + Artificial Solutions Elevate the CX

This article was updated on May 7, 2021

The concept of in-person social interaction went astray in 2020. But if the current world has taught us anything, it’s the value of feeling connected. And thanks to the Vonage and Artificial Solutions partnership, there are now many more ways to satiate that feeling. This is where advanced conversational AI technology easily incorporates into existing communications platforms.

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A Stronger Voice

The Artificial Solutions conversational AI platform for enterprise—Teneo—works hand-in-hand with Vonage communications APIs to provide a quickstart solution. This speeds up the integration of conversational AI as an essential part of the customer experience. In fact, Teneo and the Vonage Voice API help companies achieve greater connectivity and save time and money through elastic SIP trunking.

The reach and efficiency work well with customers who choose to interact with you in different ways—and expect the same experience throughout. Vonage APIs help by adding voice, video, and messaging features into business workflows. This simplifies management across multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, voice, or SMS. Other applications across platforms can be included as needed.

That’s why adding highly intelligent chatbots through conversational AI technology is important. The end result is a two-way interaction that reaches customers on their preferred platform and schedule. Customers can gain their desired result as if they had chatted with a live agent.

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Maximizing the Omnichannel CX with AI
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Contact Centres With Conversational AI

Customers will contact businesses around the clock. This makes it challenging to staff and schedule a contact centre. Fortunately, the Vonage APIs and Artificial Solutions platform pair seamlessly to create an integrated bundle that augments contact centre operations with conversational AI.

Vonage and Artificial Solutions combining forces enables faster implementation. This speed and agility empowers businesses to quickly deliver omnichannel customer experiences.

In addition, customers using Teneo can automate their agent-based live chats or calls with bots. The initial screening gives context and allows managers to better assign agents. The automation also frees staff to address other needs and elevates overall support channels to the next level. This streamlines operations, offers personalized interactions, and extends service to 24/7.

The Intersection of UX and CX

Teneo Connectors is another resource in the Artificial Solutions conversational AI development platform. Businesses can integrate a wide variety of back-end systems and processes into their conversational AI interface using a pre-built library of intelligent connectors.

When combined with Vonage communications APIs, businesses can build next-generation customer experiences at every touchpoint and create meaningful, memorable customer journeys. This junction links both the UX and CX.

Across Industries and Outcomes

The blend of communications APIs and conversational AI certainly has its place in contact centres. But any business—stretched across any industry—that’s focused on the customer experience and digital transformation can benefit from the Vonage and Artificial Solutions partnership. Examples include:

  • Multi-language capabilities: Boost adoption and improve resolution rates by providing a natural language experience
  • Digital assistants: Help customers through the decision-making and purchase process
  • Digital claims: Guide customers—across channels and languages—through multi-step claims or document-heavy processes
  • Avatar: Provide customized help and gather insights to review customer behavior
  • Direct request: Have customers directly voice the request in their own words

Who Doesn’t Want to Feel Connected?

To learn more about the Vonage and Artificial Solutions partnership, please enjoy the on-demand webinar replay: Quick Start Contact Centre Augmentation with Conversational AI and CPaaS. And be sure to download the exclusive webinar whitepaper.

By Ryan Yee B2B Marketing Copywriter

Ryan Yee is a long-time copywriter with B2C and B2B experience across agriculture, biotech, finance, healthcare, technology, and more. He still fondly remembers (?) the papercuts from proofing film and sleep deprivation from late-night press checks. He’s a San Francisco native with love for his nieces and nephews, hometown Giants, and anything even remotely associated with food (utensils optional).

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