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Vonage and injixo Optimize Your Greatest Resource: Your Employees

This article was published on September 9, 2021

Contact center managers have long known the perils of lengthy wait times. Then again, boosting staffing levels to serve everyone quickly also increases costs. That’s why a workforce management (WFM) solution is essential, as it helps balance customer experience and cost controls. It puts the right number of agents in the right places at the right times. When considering a WFM solution, think of the impact to your business—lost business if understaffed, the expense of agents sitting idle if overstaffed. Then consider the option from Vonage and injixo.

image that depicts the injixo workforce management solution

Not All WFM Applications Are Created Equal

This is especially true when you compare price, requirements for on-premises installation, and available support for offshore locations. injixo provides WFM functionality, leveraging AI and cloud technologies to reduce up-front expenses. And these can help you see a faster return on investment.

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injixo WFM helps contact center managers balance efficiency and costs with these key features:

  • Forecasting: AI-based algorithms accurately predict workload for all channels—calls, emails, web-chat, etc.—up to a year in advance
  • Scheduling: Powerful optimization algorithms easily create schedules that match supply and demand while accounting for shift flexibility and contractual obligations
  • Intraday Management and Real-Time Adherence Monitoring: A clear view of metrics and tools helps you effectively react to deviations that impact your plan, including volume spikes, absences, and schedule adherence issues
  • Reporting & Analytics: Easily create dashboards, preconfigured reports, and advanced custom reports
  • Employee Engagement: With a self-service portal, your agents can view, swap, and bid for shifts, schedule time off, and view colleague activity


When you need to maintain affordable staffing levels while minimizing wait times to keep customers happy, injixo is there with:

  • Accurate forecasts made easy: Built-in AI algorithms predict demand with industry-leading accuracy at a fraction of the effort
  • Omnichannel capability: Conveniently review staffing calculations for email, chat, and social media
  • Multi-skill scheduling without the pain: The injixo patented multi-skill scheduling algorithm unlocks valuable pooling efficiencies without high setup and maintenance costs
  • Real-time response: Quickly view insights when actual results deviate from plan, and take corrective action immediately
  • Local expert support: If help is needed, injixo is there for you across the globe

Your Teams Will Love You

Your agents are the heart of your contact center. So why not use a workforce management tool that places them in the best position to succeed? injixo is a great example of AI and cloud technologies working seamlessly with the Vonage cloud-based contact center.

To learn more, join an injixo expert for a customer demo based on your workforce management needs.

headshot photo of Kay Phelps, Contact Center Practice Leader at Vonage
By Kay Phelps Contact Center Practice Leader

Kay brings over 20 years of contact center experience—across product development, systems engineering, product management, and product marketing—to her role at Vonage. Kay also taps into her expertise as a frequent blogger, author, and presenter. And her collective knowledge helps companies deliver excellence in customer experiences. Outside of work, you can find Kay hiking, skiing, reading, or traveling.

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