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Call Center Solutions

Consolidate and enhance your entire communications strategy with just one platform. With Vonage Business Communications, you can elevate your internal communications while having access to customer-winning call center features.

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A Flexible Call Center Solution for Small Businesses

Phones ringing non-stop. Flustered agents losing track of vital customer information. Callers growing frustrated while waiting for someone to pick up. Do these problems sound all too familiar?

If your answer is “yes,” the chances are it’s time to reevaluate your communications technology. Outdated on-premises solutions and unwieldy platforms will only hinder team productivity and impede your communication efforts — both internally and externally.

Vonage Business Communications is a cloud-based platform that unifies your communication channels, CRM and productivity tools, and data. 

As well as improving internal collaboration, you can utilize the platform as a call center solution. With a large range of features, you can streamline workflows, enhance caller experiences, and extract valuable customer insights.

HD Voice Quality

Gone are the days of muffled audio and frustrating miscommunications. With Vonage, you can experience high-definition audio quality on every device across your network, resulting in improved internal communications, enhanced customer experiences, and reduced stress for your teams. Once enabled, HD Voice provides advanced call quality between any two endpoints that are supported by the same codecs.

AI Virtual Assistant

With Vonage’s AI Virtual Assistant, you can offer your callers a voice-enabled self-service option. This frees up your employees and provides a quick, convenient way for customers to receive answers to their common questions. The AI Virtual Assistant uses Natural Language Processing to understand the context and intent behind every caller query, ensuring it delivers helpful and relevant responses.

Click to Connect

Tired of entering every phone number manually? Avoid the annoyance of pressing the wrong keys with Click to Connect. With this browser-based plugin, your employees can click on any phone number on a web page and dial it on their Vonage phone. This is particularly useful for customer-facing employees who spend a lot of time on your CRM. It’s simple, quick, and can slice minutes off each call.

Call Queue

Don’t let spikes in call volumes slow your teams down. During busy periods, lean on Vonage’s Call Queue. This feature filters your callers through a tailored sequence, ensuring they don’t get lost in the noise. With personalized hold music, information sharing, and prompts, you can develop a professional and reassuring caller queue experience, reducing customer dissatisfaction and churn rates.

Virtual Receptionist

Do your teams find it difficult to answer and direct every incoming call manually? Reduce their workloads with a virtual receptionist. This fully customizable technology answers calls and performs automated routing on your behalf, based on preconfigured rules and options you provide. It’s a time-saving solution that enhances the caller experience and ensures all queries receive an appropriate response.

Vonage App Center

Put your stamp on your VBC solution with the Vonage App Center. This marketplace offers a range of add-on communication features, as well as CRM and productivity application integrations. With the ability to shape and change your platform, you can create a truly tailored communications experience that heightens productivity and delivers a superior customer experience — with all applications you could possibly need.

Contact Center vs. Call Center

There is a slight distinction between call centers and contact centers. Call center solutions allow you to communicate with customers via voice call only. On the other hand, contact centers facilitate other communication methods, such as email, SMS, and social media responses.

The reason they’re often used interchangeably is because most companies adopt multi-channel communication strategies as a standard — in alignment with changing customer service expectations.

To fulfill these modern demands, it’s essential you adopt a call center solution that facilitates an omnichannel approach. This means finding a platform that consolidates your voice, SMS, email, video, and messaging communications. By unifying these channels, you’ll boost customer engagement and agent efficiency.

Why Should You Choose a ‘Lite’ Call Center Solution?

There are a plethora of enterprise-level call center solution providers out there. But while the bells and whistles of a large platform can be appealing, don’t let them sway you. As a small business, you don’t need an elaborate suite of features; you need a smart way to elevate your existing internal communications infrastructure and make it work for external communications, too. 

This is what Vonage’s Small Business Bundle provides. It’s an all-encompassing business communications platform with powerful call center features built-in. That way, you can improve your internal and external communications in tandem — without burdening your teams with additional software.

The best part? It doesn’t cost the world. The package is a cost-effective, highly scalable solution for small businesses. You pay for the extensions you use and the add-ons you ask for — nothing more.

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Unified Calling, Messaging and Video

Jumping between different platforms, tools, and hardware is unproductive and unintuitive. With Vonage Business Communications, your small business teams can access instant messaging, video conferencing, and lite call center features in one straightforward application. This means they can hold an internal video meeting one moment and answer a customer query the next — all with a few clicks.


This is not only convenient but can boost productivity and reduce the likelihood of missed incoming calls.


Better still, as the desktop and mobile applications are cloud-based, your team members can access the features from anywhere. This empowers you to adopt flexible remote working practices and encourage your employees to work wherever they feel most productive. Any customer calls they make will occur via their professional work number, which helps to build customer trust.

Virtual Receptionist

Manual routing can eat up a lot of time, especially when you have an influx of incoming calls and only a small team to handle them.


This is where a virtual receptionist can provide much-needed support. Simply put, a virtual receptionist is a call-routing technology that answers calls on your behalf, greets callers with a customizable message or recording, and provides a menu of preconfigured pathways. You can adjust these options based on your business hours, lunch breaks, and holidays to ensure customers aren’t directed to a dead end.


By utilizing a virtual receptionist, you can streamline your call center practices, make it easier on your staff, and ensure your small business can handle even the busiest of calling periods (no matter who’s out of office).

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Call Management Features

Amplify your small business call center with a range of intelligent call management features. Combined, these features allow you to gather important caller information, assess your customer service practices, and eradicate communication bottlenecks.


Vonage Business Communications provides:

  • Call queues. Filter your customers into a virtual waiting room, customized with the hold music and business messages of your choice.

  • Call monitoring. Managers can listen into calls for training purposes — or offer support during tricky enquiries. If needed, they can join the call and participate.

  • Call recording. Record and transcribe your calls and voicemail messages, allowing you to refer back to previous communication as needed. This also makes training new agents much easier, as they can hear real calls from real customers.

  • Email notifications. Ensure every customer receives a timely response, even when you can’t pick up the phone. VBC notifies your agents via email when a caller leaves a message, reminding them to listen to (or read) the message and respond.

  • Call groups. With call grouping, you can forward calls to multiple extensions and ring them simultaneously.


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CRM Integrations

Like most businesses, you probably have a stack of productivity tools and a CRM you swear by. These applications are integral to the everyday running of your organization. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your call center solution provider can work alongside them. VBC offers a seamless Microsoft Teams integration, as well as integrations for Salesforce, Slack, and more.


Vonage Business Communications integrates seamlessly with your CRM and tech stack, providing:

  • a unified, up-to-date view of your call data, CRM call metrics, and reporting

  • features for contact management and call handling across your applications

  • CRM integration tools, including Web Launcher, Call Notes, and Click-to-Dial

  • Your employees can access these features from any browser or device, no matter where they are in the world.


Future-Proof Upgrade Options

You might be a small business now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay small forever. That’s why it’s important to choose a business communication platform that matches your ambitions and can adapt to your changing needs.

Vonage Business Communications provides advanced, future-proof features to help strengthen your internal and external communication efforts. And, if you do outgrow it, Vonage also provides a fully fledged contact center option with smart reporting dashboards, skills-based routing, and queued callback. That way, your business can meet its digital transformation goals without having to worry about future vendor changes.

VBC: Not Just A VoIP Call Center Solution

Ready to bolster your call center capabilities? Vonage Business Communications is a compelling choice for businesses of all sizes. With smart call routing, remote-friendly applications, and virtual receptionist features, you can handle incoming and outgoing calls anytime, anywhere, with no fuss.

Of course, it’s important to remember that VBC is more than just a call center solution. As an all-in-one, unified business communications platform with a myriad of integrations, it’ll slot neatly into your tech stack and you can start benefiting from its productivity-enhancing capabilities, too.

With voice, video, messaging, and phone functionalities integrated into one cloud-based application, your teams can communicate with one another effortlessly. This paves the way for enhanced collaboration, better colleague relationships, and a more profitable future.


Still Have Questions About Call Center Technology Solutions?

When we talk about a call center lite, we mean something that can do all the things a small-scale call center can do, without being a fully fledged standalone solution. Vonage’s Small Business Bundle is a great example. This package contains the standard VBC unified communication features — including calling, video conferencing, and SMS messaging — as well as a range of built-in call center features.

Capabilities like call monitoring, call recording, and voice receptionists allow you to develop your own “lite” call center solution. This harmonizes your internal and external communications and provides a more seamless experience for your callers.


If you think call center solutions are for large enterprises only, think again. External communications for small businesses can be hugely important to maintaining a good reputation, so it’s vital that you have the right tech in place. If you handle more than a few calls a day — especially if multiple calls come in at the same time — then you need a call center solution.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call centers enable organizations to make and receive calls over an internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line. They use unified VoIP software, supported by softphones, hard phones, traditional phones with an ATA adaptor, or a mixture of all three.

With a call center VoIP provider, you can conduct high-quality calls remotely. This means your employees aren’t confined to your office locations and can continue working at home, during long commutes, or while they’re abroad.


The cost of setting up a call center will vary depending on the size of your business, its requirements, and the software you choose.

If you adopt a full-featured enterprise call center solution, you can expect to pay large subscription fees. However, if you opt for an SMB-friendly solution, such as VBC’s Small Business Bundle package, you’ll receive all the call center features you need without a hefty price tag. With transparent pricing and the ability to add extensions as you go, you can save money without compromising on functionality.


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