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Remote Phone Systems

Maximize productivity and let your team work from virtually anywhere with a remote phone system.

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What are remote phone systems?

Remote phone systems allow employees to work remotely, on the go, or in a hybrid environment (a combination of on-premises and remote) and still leverage a wide range of calling features, as long as they have an internet connection.


Vonage’s “work from anywhere” features let employees take their deskphone away from the office, plug into high-speed internet, and get the system functionality and full business phone system experience they expect — anywhere.


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How does a remote phone system work?

Vonage’s remote phone solutions allow an employee to take their phone home, transfer calls to their cell phone, set up their extension to ring multiple phones at the same time, and access phone system features with our desktop, web, and mobile apps.

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Benefits of VBC remote phone systems

Our remote phone solutions, powered by cloud-based unified communications software with desktop and mobile apps, can provide a high level of flexibility. Equipped with these tools, employees can work from virtually anywhere — kitchen tables, home offices, even local coffee shops — with an internet connection, easily accessing their full phone systems as they would in an office space.

  • Make connections — Easily work from home or on the road, with no interruption in your communication with clients and colleagues.

  • Stay available — Maintain connections using Call Forwarding, Never Miss a Call features, and more.

  • Leverage features — Send and receive SMS to and from customers; message between coworkers and among groups; video conference with others inside and outside of the company; and more.

  • Keep consistent — Use the same number and connection through any internet provider.

  • Save money — Decrease overhead spending on office space and utilities, devices, and resources needed for IT maintenance and training.

  • Improve operations — Streamline call response processes, unveil trends in customer interactions, and identify security threats through audit logs.

How to get started with a VBC remote phone system

There are no specific steps to get started. Admins can use the VBC Admin Portal to add users, numbers, and extensions, add premium features, and more to enable employees to collaborate or connect with customers remotely. Additionally, VBC users automatically have a wide range of calling and collaboration tools at their fingertips that empower them to work from anywhere.

Still have questions about VBC remote phone systems?

VBC includes Click to Connect, which allows users to click a phone number on a web-enabled page to place a call or send an SMS message. Click to Connect is available through the Vonage Integration Suite – Web.

To maximize the benefits of these programs, organizations should consider and ensure five key factors:

  1. Effective communications infrastructure

  2. Proper security and data protection measures

  3. Alignment on established work hours

  4. Scheduled training and team meetings

  5. Clear performance and productivity KPIs

Look for solutions that allow your employees to use a mobile app or desktop app with tools that enable them to work together in creative ways. These applications should provide workers with the following capabilities:




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