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Digital Communications Make the Best Travel Companion

This article was published on May 13, 2020

by Ryan Yee

Here are some basic tenets to ensure a good passenger and guest experience—all powered by the Nexmo suite of communications APIs.

Stay in Touch

Travel immediately knocks folks out of their comfort zones. Regardless if they are a seasoned traveler or about to start their first big trip—they will always seek comfort and familiarity. So it’s important to stay in touch along the way.

This means a multichannel experience—messaging, voice, video, and more—built around their preferences, including communications embedded directly into every interaction. Learn to transform travel experiences with Nexmo APIs.

Go Beyond Normal

When travelers dash for the early hotel checkout and then rush to the airport—they go from guests to passengers. And along the way, they may skip a few details. Luckily, they have you and your focus to build experiences that exceed their demands. Here are examples of being there for your customers, at the exact time they need you:

  • In-app messaging. Chances are, your customers will use your own app during travel. Now you can enhance the real-time customer experience through in-app messaging support.
  • Booking management through social media. It’s convenient for travelers to confirm and monitor flight status, ground transportation, accommodations, and more—all through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other social networks.
  • Customer service through mobile. Travelers turn to their mobile device as a personal travel agent. Make it a powerful customer service tool over their preferred social network.
  • Fraud detection. Travelers expect you to handle every detail, safely and securely. Turn to Nexmo APIs to help detect possible fraud and trigger step-up authentication when needed. Please enjoy this additional read on phone verification challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Voice-based critical alerts. Even in the text-heavy world, voice still plays a significant role in the way people connect with brands and each other. Make sure you can reach your travelers around the world by phone.

Think Ahead with Nexmo

Just as travelers become more savvy and sophisticated—so must the ways to reach them. Take a look at how digital travel companies leverage contextual communications to transform the customer experience.

Nexmo APIs deliver the scalable, cost-effective means to continually engage with your travel customers. The teams are ready to help you build those solutions.

See you soon.

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