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Vonage Enriches Customer Experiences With the General Availability of WebSockets

This article was updated on May 14, 2021

Vonage is pleased to announce the General Availability of WebSockets, offering a standards-based solution that incorporates the broad array of AI-enabled use cases and opportunities that have emerged since we first introduced the feature in 2016.

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WebSockets is a computer communications protocol that enables persistent, two-way communication with artificial intelligence engines over a single TCP connection without the overhead of the HTTP request/response model.

An entire industry has sprung up around enriching communication services with artificial intelligence, with AI revolutionizing and elevating the customer experience. Robotic IVRs of the past that offered customers limited interactions have given way to sophisticated AI voice agents that provide more immediate resolutions and promote deeper understanding of customer needs and satisfaction.

With better customer outcomes in mind, Vonage has worked with brands such as Dominos and Novo Labs, leveraging the capabilities of the Vonage Voice API to power differentiated, real-time voice experiences throughout their customers’ journeys.

Developers can expect to realize the following benefits when augmenting their customer experiences with Vonage WebSockets:

Scalability: Vonage WebSockets fits any AI system you want to connect and accommodates a virtually unlimited number of AI connections per call.

Flexibility: Choose from Vonage’s AI partners or select a third-party vendor that best fits your unique customer experience use cases and business goals.

Easy to deploy: With deployment via binary media message format, Vonage’s WebSockets is faster and easier for developers to deploy, requiring less coding than other solutions that utilize base64-encoded in JSON.

You can get more information about WebSockets here.

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