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Easily Identify Fraud with Number Insight

This article was updated on July 17, 2024

Enterprises around the globe are wasting time and money attempting to accurately identify whether the phone numbers in their databases are legitimate. Vonage has simplified the process of evaluating phone numbers for marketing communications, database cleansing, and fraud assessment.

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Vonage Number Insight API identifies phone numbers around the world to ensure you have accurate and updated contact information and determines the best way to reach your customers.

Fraud Score and SIM Swap Detection features, available in beta, take it a step further by providing you with real-time and accurate data for any global phone number. To get started, simply refer to the developer documentation.

Get started with new Number Insight features for fraud detection
Number Insight is designed to give Fraud Score and SIM swap status for Application Integrations.

Phone Identity Challenges

No company wants to become yet another victim of a fraud attack. It’s important to have the latest authentication and identity solutions to protect not only your company’s finance and reputation, but your customers from account takeover and SIM swap scams.

Vonage Number Insight can help provide peace of mind by answering some of your most frequently asked questions:

  • How do I know if a phone number is genuine for outbound marketing communications?
  • Should I allow this phone number to sign-up for an account or perform a password reset?
  • Is this phone number related to toll fraud or SIM swap?
  • Which phone number should be sent through the two-factor authentication process?

Fraud Score

Our easy-to-implement Fraud Score API assigns a score and risk recommendation to any phone number that you provide. Both the carrier and phone type (mobile, landline, VoIP, etc.) are provided, along with whether the number was reported for blocking.

The Fraud Score ranges from 0 to 100. The larger the score, the higher the risk. For each score a risk recommendation is indicated. The following highlights the risk score range and our recommended action for the assessed phone number.

Vonage Score


Risk Recommendation

0 - 45



46 - 60



61 - 100



SIM Swap Detection

SIM swap is a type of fraud that occurs when a scammer hijacks a victim’s mobile phone number. To hijack a mobile phone number, a bad actor will typically socially engineer a support agent at a mobile carrier, convincing the agent that the phone is lost, and port the victim’s phone number to a SIM card that the scammer controls. As a result, the scammer can receive the victim’s texts and phone calls.

Vonage’s solution is to take any mobile number and provide you with real-time data, directly sourced from mobile network operators, telling you if the SIM card linked to that phone number has changed in the last seven days. With a simple true/false indicator, it provides assurance that the user’s mobile number can be used for communications or authentication purposes and allows you to assess potential risk.


Fraud Score and SIM Swap Detection will be charged on a flat per phone number basis. There are no platform fees associated and the price is based on the usage of the insight parameter.  More details are available on the Number Insight pricing page. Please contact your sales or account manager for exact pricing in your local region. 

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By Adam Weir Senior Manager, Product Marketing - APIs

Adam Weir is a senior product marketing manager for Vonage Communications APIs. He leverages his marketing expertise to develop strategies and promote key API solutions including Video, Verify, and Number Insight, along with Vonage Artificial Intelligence. Adam has broad marketing experience, working previously in the financial services, information technology, and staffing industries. He lives in the Orlando, FL area, where he enjoys the year-round sunshine by spending quality time with his family at the local beaches and theme parks.

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