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Transforming your Vonage Contact Center with Google CCAI

This article was updated on May 27, 2021

The Future of the Contact Center* (available to Gartner subscribers) states that “artificial intelligence (AI) will become a foundational element upon which contact center software is created. Almost all key application features will leverage some form of AI.”

However, we believe making AI work seamlessly for customers contacting your organization is the key to success. The AI needs to complement and enhance the customer experience, not make it a frustrating battle with technology.

Google has just announced the general availability of their Contact Center AI solution. Vonage is proud to be part of that offering, partnering with both Google and Salesforce to seamlessly integrate with Vonage Contact Centers (formerly NewVoiceMedia).

The Vonage API Platform Group (formerly Nexmo) has already been working with Google CCAI, delivering a ‘match made in bot heaven’ that integrates Vonage’s Voice API and Comms Router. This enables Virtual Agent Chatbots to provide informational and knowledge based customer interactions, transferring calls to the most qualified live agent upon a customer’s request.

Bots are a great place to start but what happens when the queries are more complex? That is when you need to provide agent assistance through Google CCAI. To assist the agent, the two main focus areas for the Vonage Contact Center integration are:

  • Enterprise knowledge base integration
    ◦ Automatically present the customer with relevant articles based on their chat logs, continuously training the virtual agent and agent assist
  • Live agent assistance
    ◦ Automatically present the live agent with the most relevant articles based on speech transcription

This has the potential to bring significant improvements to your Contact Center, improving agent ramp time, reducing AHT (average handle time), improving FCR (first contact resolution) and freeing up agents to focus on customer engagement and solving complex cases rather than dealing with simple queries.

MTD Products, a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, find that their agents are spending too much time searching for information relevant to the customer case, increasing average handle time and reducing the likelihood of first contract resolution. Ken Kotlarek, Jr., MTD Customer Service Operations Manager states that “we see great potential for AI in our contact center and believe that the Google CCAI solution, alongside our Vonage contact center and Salesforce, will drive significant improvements to the overall customer experience”.

To learn more about how Vonage can help in bringing Contact Center AI from Google Cloud to Salesforce Service Cloud, please get in touch.

*Gartner “The Future of the Contact Center,” Simon Harrison, Steve Blood, 25 April 2019

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