Vonage Integration Suite


Cloud phone system integration with top business applications. Done better.

employees videoconferencing across multiple devices

Seamless experiences. Cutting-edge capabilities. And more business productivity than ever.

Introducing the Vonage Integration Suite: Empower your employees, elevate your customer experience, and boost your bottom line by integrating your cloud phone system with CRM, collaboration, and business productivity applications--in one unified platform. The Vonage Integration Suite offers:

  • Advanced features for contact management and call handling, control and realtime logging
  • Easy accessibility from any browser or device, virtually anywhere, anytime
  • Integrated call metrics and reporting for call volume, history and usage data--plus, sync all call data into your business application’s native reporting dashboards
  • Seamless contact management and scheduling capabilities across business applications, within a single interface
  • Customizable integration tools such as Click-to-dial, Web Launcher and Call Notes

You’re only as effective as your communications platform

Vonage can connect your CRM and business applications with your phone system in one platform. So you employees can be more efficient, more productive and better serve your customers in real time.

Salesforce® CRM Integration

Save time and be more productive starting with screen pops. Automatically log incoming and outgoing calls, create contacts and cases. Capture call notes, and view real-time user activity reports.

Microsoft Dynamics® Integration

Seamlessly mesh your customer info with other Microsoft software. Auto-create new records on incoming calls, easily create and save phone call activities for a higher level of accountability, and more.

G Suite Integration

Vonage® for G Suite™ allows you to seamlessly integrate your Gmail®, GChat, Google® Hangout and more with your business phone system to maximize day-to-day business operations.

Our popular integrations

Customize with Nexmo Communication APIs

Now that Nexmo has joined Vonage, our communication APIs offer more messaging for mobile, social and contextual communications.

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