Distribute calls globally under a single plan

A single global call plan allows you to distribute your calls globally, consolidate administration and reporting, save time, and deliver operational insights. And your customers continue to enjoy the quality they expect.
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Ensure the best

Even if you connect your multi-region call centers into a single infrastructure—that’s not enough.

  • Manage your centers from a single point of control
  • Deliver shorter wait times for better customer experiences
  • Extend hours of operation without additional shifts
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Customers hear you loud and clear

Call quality has a huge influence on the customer experience.

  • Digital packages are routed over multiple networks for efficiency
  • Packages are linked together into a single, clear conversation
  • Global telephony solution accelerates the routing
  • Solution excels during peak times to enhance your brand and CX
Contact Center and CRM to the Cloud: The Migration Imperative
Your guide to bringing the benefits of your cloud contact center and your CRM solutions together, by Sheila McGee Smith.
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Ebury uses a global call plan to initiate outbound calls directly to potential clients.

Ebury Powers Proactive Outreach
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