Vonage Contact Center with VBC

(Unified Communications)


Our contact center solution provides basic IVR, skills-based routing, agent console, real-time dashboards, customizable historical reports, and call recording.
  • Inbound/Outbound Dialing:

    • Auto-attendant Routing
    • Skills Based ACD Routing
    • Call forwarding to third-party after hours
    • Outbound manual dialing
  • Supervisor/Administration Capabilities:

    • Web-based Administration
    • Interaction architect to graphically build call flows
    • IVR Scheduling
    • Supervisor monitoring
    • Dashboards and Reports
    • Call recordings (30 days included)
    • Agent interface with call controls
    • Hard phone or softphone options available
    • Configurable agent status
    • View callers in the queues agents are skilled for
    • Caller ID, screen pop, and note taking
  • Customer Experience & Advanced Integrations:

    • VGIS CRM Integration Available


Take your customer experience and advanced integrations to the next level with Vonage Contact Center's Elevate plan.
  • Customer Experience & Advanced Integrations:

    • IVR with Data Dip
    • Queue Callback
    • SLA Optimization Routing
    • IVR Post Call Survey
    • Reporting API Available
    • CRM Data Routing
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