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Outbound Call Center Software

Choosing the right outbound call center software for your organization makes a huge difference to your business’s performance. It helps you leverage your team’s strengths while giving your customers exactly what they want. 

Talk to an expert to learn more about how Vonage can help you and your outbound call center.


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Outbound Call Center Software to Delight Your Customers and Your Employees

If you’re looking for an outbound call center solution that delivers for your team just as much as it does for your clients, here’s how Vonage can help:

Smart Dialer Capabilities

The Vonage Contact Center dialer, Connect, offers you multiple ways to optimize your outbound calls. Save your team time by automating manual tasks like dialing numbers and leaving preset voicemails. You can also use dynamic dial lists to help select the best prospect to approach next.

CRM Integrations

Get the most out of your CRM with Vonage. Vonage Contact Center integrates with select CRMs to deliver quality customer experiences across channels. For example, Vonage Contact Center is a Premier partner on the Salesforce AppExchange and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to enhance agent productivity and customer conversations. But that’s just one of the integrations you can benefit from with Vonage.

Varied Coaching Features

Choose from different coaching modes to select how you prefer supervisors to work. In three-way mode, the supervisor joins the call along with the agent and the customer, and all three can be recorded. With whisper coaching, the supervisor can be heard by the agent but not the customer. In secret monitor mode, the supervisor joins the call but without the agent or customer hearing them. These are just a few of the contact center coaching features available.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Get custom-built real-time dashboards tailored precisely to your business needs. You can log channel activity directly into your CRM, allowing you to gain insights using your own preferred metrics. If one of your metrics is falling behind, you can opt to receive a real-time notification so you can tackle the issue before it turns into a problem later on.

Omnichannel Functionality

Most businesses looking for outbound call center software want a solution with omnichannel functionality. With Vonage Contact Center, you can manage all your voice and digital channels via a single unified system. That means support across the whole galaxy of inputs, including voice, email, live agent, web chat, live message, SMS, video chat, SOS, and social channels.

Workforce Management

Vonage partners with workforce management solutions to provide you with a one-stop shop to combine your contact center scheduling and forecasting data. For example, Vonage Contact Center works seamlessly with Salesforce and the Verint® Workforce Management (WFM) Professional platform to help you apply actionable insights based on real-time data.

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail drop lets your agents select one of up to 50 pre-recorded voicemail messages when making an outbound call. Whether the agent connects to a voicemail or an answering machine, they can drop the voicemail of their choice and move straight onto the next call — the original call then disconnects when the message finishes playing. How does this help agents? By creating a more efficient workflow and ensuring consistent quality in each voicemail message.

Gamification Capabilities

Thanks to the integration between Vonage Contact Center and Salesforce, it’s also easy to introduce gamification to your organization. Gamification capabilities encourage agents to meet personal and business goals by introducing fun, game-type rewards to their days — as well as a healthy dose of competition.

Call Recording

VBC Company Call Recording is an add-on that can prove really useful for outbound call centers. You can easily schedule the recording of calls for all users within the organization. All recorded calls are password-protected and you can grant access to chosen individuals as needed. For instance, for compliance or training.

What Is Outbound Call Center Software?

An outbound call center software solution is designed specifically for call centers whose agents focus on making outgoing calls to customers.

These calls can be used for all kinds of purposes, including sales, marketing campaigns, customer feedback, surveys, and appointment reminders. The software helps streamline and automate the calling process, ensuring that when you reach out to your target audience, you’re doing so in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Outbound call center software, therefore, is a key part of the modern business environment. It’s vital for organizations that rely heavily on phone outreach, since it not only enhances agent productivity, but also makes life easier for your customers.

The key features and functionalities of modern outbound call center software include:

  • Smart dialing: This function can automatically dial numbers from a predefined list or schedule calls for when an agent becomes available. It helps boost productivity as it reduces the amount of time agents have to spend dialing numbers manually.

  • CRM integration: Outbound call center CRM software integrations provide agents with relevant customer information during calls. It also generates critical data that you can feed back into your reporting.

  • Reporting and analytics: Detailed reporting can offer useful insights into your chosen call metrics, as well as agent performance and campaign effectiveness.

  • Call scheduling: You can schedule calls in advance at specific times or intervals, which is particularly useful for appointment reminders or other follow-up meetings.
  • Campaign management: This helps manage and organize different calling campaigns to target specific audiences or objectives.


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How Can the Right Outbound Call Center Software Improve Customer Experience?

The customer is at the center of everything you do. So you need outbound call center software that meets their needs.

This means being able to reach prospective customers wherever they are, not just via voice calls but across digital channels, too.

Advanced CRM integration is also a must. This lets you generate prospect-focused insights tailored to each call. You should be able to quickly access past interaction history and details of all former communications with a lead or prospect. That way, you can optimize an approach to suit each individual.

Similarly, taking advantage of real-time analytics is paramount if you want to keep one step ahead of the competition. By using all the data at your disposal, you can keep up to date with key metrics as they develop. This means that if you see underperformance in a specific area, you can catch it and address the issue before it causes difficulties further down the line.

And What About Agent/Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is key to a flourishing company and positive customer experiences. So it’s important to find a system that works both for your agents and your customers. 

Your solution should simplify your employees’ day-to-day as much as possible. That could mean handy features like multiple voicemail drop, which lets agents select a preset voicemail message to send on a call that goes to voicemail.

Outbound call center CRM software is a game-changer for your employees, just as it is for your customers. That’s because it gives your agents access to a wealth of information that helps them prepare for their calls much more easily.


Choose the Right Outbound Call Center Software for Your Business

With Vonage Contact Center, you get a software solution that gives you everything you need to fine-tune operations and streamline sales or outreach processes — as well as being able to facilitate great customer experience for inbound calling. Contact one of our experts today to learn more.

FAQs About Outbound Call Center Software

An outbound call center is one where all — or most — of the calls are going out, such as for sales pitches or to elicit customer feedback. Software for outbound call centers tends to include features like specialized dialer capabilities to optimize call rates.

Managing an outbound call center means taking a proactive approach to balancing the needs of your customers, your agents, and the bottom line. Setting clear objectives and KPIs is key.

Conduct regular reviews of these KPIs to make sure they’re being met. If you find backsliding in one particular area, it could be that you’ve set objectives that aren’t realistic, but it could also mean that underperformance in one aspect of operations needs to be addressed so it doesn’t threaten the project as a whole.


Choosing the right software can help you take your call center to the next level. With the right integrations, you can unleash the potential of CRM data to vastly improve your sales processes or the service your agents can offer your customers.

One other key point is that the platform you use should have an intuitive interface. The best remote outbound call center software solutions need only minimal training for everyone to get up and running. Beware platforms that claim the world but lack user-friendliness.


Call or contact center software — be it inbound or outbound — is typically priced on a subscription basis, with providers offering different tiers of pricing to suit different needs.

In the case of Vonage Contact Center, the Priority package covers all the features you’d expect, like analytics, reporting, and dashboards. The Premium tier adds in functionalities such as dynamic routing and whisper coaching.

For large organizations looking to find an even more customizable solution for their outbound call center software, there are a number of add-on options also available separately, such as speech analytics and workforce management capabilities.

Whatever your needs, you can reach out to a Vonage expert for a quote.

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