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VoIP Providers for Modern Businesses

Business communication solutions keep companies connected. Great communication tools should be easy to adopt, boost teamwork, and help everyone be as productive as possible. To access these benefits, you need an excellent VoIP provider — like Vonage. Get in touch to learn what Vonage Business Communications can do for you.

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What Is a VoIP Provider?

First, let’s quickly define VoIP. The acronym is short for Voice over Internet Protocol — VoIP calls are routed via the internet instead of using a physical landline or cellular connection. In short, VoIP lets you make calls from computers and other devices that can access the internet.

Next, we’ll answer another key question: What is a VoIP service provider?

If VoIP is the technology, VoIP providers are the companies that enable the technology for users to place internet calls to customers. The term describes any company that provides its customers with business phone systems that rely on the internet, from simple call systems to expansive platforms that include video calls, messaging, and integrations with other software.

VoIP providers distribute software. Sometimes they’ll sell the specialized devices, but usually your business will need to have its own phones, laptops, and desktops to make the most of a VoIP provider’s offerings. And, since there’s no VoIP without a robust internet connection, you’ll need one of those as well.

All the Features You Need From VoIP Service Providers, and More

VoIP business phone providers range from those providing basic phone systems to those that offer feature-rich solutions you can use to manage all your communications. Plus, with ATAs (analog telephone adapters) you can even leverage your existing phone system.

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) is an ideal solution for companies in search of all-inclusive VoIP solutions. It’s much more than a simple phone system — the following features mark it as a top choice.


HD Voice for Phone Calls

Talking to others over the phone should be simple, and you shouldn’t be worried about calls dropping or poor audio. Thanks to VBC’s HD voice feature, phone calls are reliable, stable, and made in crystal-clear quality that makes it easy to communicate with anyone via voice call.

Virtual Receptionist

Routing calls during peak calling periods, office closures, and other events impacting office hours is a lot easier thanks to VBC’s virtual receptionist. This automated tool sends callers to the right person or department every time, acting as a digital operator and queue organizer all in one.

Call Forwarding

Your customers and call center agents both deserve the best possible experience. That’s why VBC’s call forwarding feature is easy to use — and convenient for customers, who don’t have to spend ages on hold. With a few quick clicks, agents can forward calls anytime.

Call Logs and Records

Keeping track of your phone conversations has never been easier. Whether you need to read back over past communications to refresh your memory, or simply remember when someone called your company, call logs and records are indispensable.

‘Never Miss a Call’ Features

You can’t always be in the office, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss calls that arrive while you’re away. With this feature, you can route calls so they always reach a designated colleague or your own mobile phone. Callers won’t even know the transfer is happening!

Business Call Recording

The best way to remember what was said or to check accuracy is to listen back to a call. Built-in business call recording makes that easy. Plus, you can use the recorded calls to make a training playlist for new hires, helping them get started faster.

Business SMS and MMS

Being able to message customers via SMS is a great marketing tool, and one VBC caters to. You can send MMS and SMS alike right from the VBC desktop and mobile app, so you don’t have to swap to a messaging service.

Team Messaging

Team messaging is like group chats for business purposes. It lets you have text-based one-on-one or group conversations, whether for coordinating projects or wishing each other happy holidays. VBC team messaging is instant and user-friendly, so you’ll learn how to use it in no time.

Business Phone App

For true work-from-anywhere flexibility, you need to be able to access your VoIP solution remotely. That’s why VBC provides a mobile app and desktop version, giving you the freedom to use your VoIP solution no matter where you are.

What Else To Look for From a VoIP Phone Provider

There are tons of different VoIP providers out there, each one with its own unique offerings and personal twists on the essentials. So how can you be sure you’re choosing the right VoIP phone system?

The following considerations are well worth taking into account as you’re browsing the VoIP providers you can choose among. It’s not just about the features — after all, a feature-rich solution that breaks every other day is never worthwhile!

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Pricing and Plans

Each VoIP service provider strikes its own balance between the number of features offered and the prices charged in return. The goal here is not to simply choose the cheapest provider or plan, but to find the one that gives you the best value for money. You don’t want to pay for features you’re not using — but you also don’t want to be locked into a restrictive plan with no scope to expand.


When you choose VBC, you can save money right away by opting for annual plans. This lets you pay upfront in exchange for a 30% discount.


VBC’s most basic pricing plan costs just $13.99 per month, per line. With this plan, you get full access to unlimited domestic calling and SMS/MMS features, as well as voicemail and other essentials.


The most popular VBC pricing plan costs $20.99 per month per line. This option adds video calling, integrations, and analytics to the basic Mobile package, giving you a richer experience and letting you customize the ideal solution for your company. A value plan, at $27.99, adds even more powerful features. Plus, there are a ton of add-ons available for a fee, so you can choose exactly what’s worth paying for.


Workplace integration interface

Integration With Tools You Already Use

The best business VoIP phone providers will offer you the chance to integrate your favorite tools into your phone solution. This lets you customize your VoIP solution into a true unified communications solution, complete with all the features you need to work from anywhere — saving you time and money.


Vonage is one of those VoIP phone service providers. VBC integrations range from CRM tools like Salesforce to familiar office staples like Microsoft Teams and Slack. This lets you fully build your dream virtual work platform.


Thanks to the fact that Vonage lets you leverage your IT investments and keep employees using the tools you’re already comfortable with, the learning curve gets even shorter. This means you can go from creating your account to using VBC like a pro in no time, even with all the integrations you need added on to it.

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Security and Compliance

Your phone system needs to protect you from malicious outsiders, including hackers, scammers, and fraudsters. That’s why security protocols exist — and why compliance with them is so important. They’re your ticket to a safer, more regulated virtual business experience.


So when you’re choosing a VoIP provider, you’ve got to be sure you’re picking one that takes security and compliance seriously. Vonage takes great care to do exactly that.


For example, Vonage invests heavily in security and privacy measures and maintains a wide range of compliance certifications across our product lines. They include ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC, HITRUST, and CSA STAR, to name just a few.

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Available Support

On top of finding a secure VoIP provider, you’ve got to choose one that comes with top-tier support. This helps you ensure troubleshooting and resolution is always completed in a timely manner to reduce business interruptions. Plus, it helps remind you that the provider you’re choosing cares about your customer experience.


Vonage offers specific, tailored support for each of its products. This means that anytime you want to reach out about VBC, for example, you can easily get in touch with a dedicated expert who can help you with any queries.


You can choose to communicate with Vonage’s team of experts via phone calls or live chat, both of which will get you quick, helpful replies.


Plus, you might not even need an agent — there are plenty of written guides on common questions. So, if you’d rather solve the problem yourself, you’ll be able to find the answer.

Some of our valued clients

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How To Choose a VoIP Provider: A Checklist

Choosing VoIP providers for business purposes can be a daunting task, even if you know all the principles you should follow. This checklist covers everything a business should consider or do to help them find and select the best VoIP provider for their individual needs.

    • Define and Understand Your Business Communication Needs
      You need to know which pain points you’re looking to address and which needs your VoIP solution has to fulfill.
    • Research VoIP Providers for Features To Meet Those Needs

      Pick your top needs, then find the VoIP providers that most accurately cater to those requirements.


    • Examine the Providers’ Plans and Pricing

      Draw up a chart that compares which provider gives you the best value for money and which one offers the best features per plan.


    • Look Into Security, Reliability, and Support

      Your VoIP solution needs to be compliant with security regulations, as well as offer robust support in case you need help.


    • Contact Prospective Suppliers and Arrange Demos or Trials

      There’s no better way to check whether a tool is right for you than to give it a try and see how it suits you, so try out demos.


    • Secure Your Business’s Communications Future

      Lastly, close the deal by choosing the best fit for your business, so you can enter a new era of seamless communication.


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Security and compliance

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Customer service

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Vonage: A Trusted and Reliable VoIP Provider

On its own, VoIP technology is simply a useful tool for keeping people connected. It’s great for businesses that want to be future-proof, since they’ll be able to communicate with any device, as long as they have access to the internet.

VoIP service providers for business take that technology and transform it into an entire communications suite that offers voice, messaging, and video. The best ones also offer unified communications solutions that include integrations for popular and useful tools.

Vonage is one of the best.

VBC is exactly what you need to start making VoIP calling part of your company’s daily routines. It gives you all the features you’d expect from an advanced phone system, plus integrations for your favorite apps so you can get all your work done from a single, centralized virtual hub.

To experience it for yourself, all you have to do is sign up.

VoIP Provider FAQs

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. As the name suggests, it’s all about connecting people using the power of the internet, instead of the more traditional option of a landline or cellular connection.

When you place a VoIP call, you’re connecting to your conversation partner(s) using the internet. You’ll speak into a receiver, which converts your speech into data. The data gets sent to your conversation partner, then translated into audio output so they can hear you.

Since VoIP relies on the internet, it can easily connect people anywhere in the world. That’s because the only limiting factor is whether all participants are able to get online — so no landlines or cellular phone plans are needed.


A VoIP phone system will generally work using any internet-capable device. This means that you’ll only need at least one of these devices, whether it’s a mobile phone, a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, or any other similar gadget. You can also leverage your existing phone system with the use of an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA).

Some VoIP phone providers may not offer full support for less-conventional devices. For example, if you’re using an old flip phone, you may struggle to download modern apps, even if you can technically access the internet.

To get around this, you can either use a more modern device or you can choose a provider that lets you access your VoIP phone system from a browser.

This depends entirely on your chosen business VoIP provider.

Some make it difficult to swap over your existing phone number, or numbers. These solutions are typically less flexible and are geared more toward providing a single, non-modifiable solution straight out of the box.

However, if you choose the right provider, keeping your existing phone number when you switch to a VoIP system should be no problem.

Providers like Vonage make it as simple and easy as possible to transition from using a legacy phone solution to a modern VoIP one. That means keeping your number, if you so choose, which can be incredibly useful for businesses that have built a brand reputation that their customers associate with their phone number.

In short: The right VoIP phone provider will let you keep your number and should let you get it set up with no extra trouble.


Each business VoIP service provider is at liberty to choose their own VoIP pricing systems. However, there are some general commonalities that most share.

Unlike traditional phone plans, VoIP phone systems rarely come with a hard limit on calling minutes or text messages each month. Instead, VoIP pricing tends to be split into different pricing plans, each of which comes with its own set of included features.

For example, a basic VoIP pricing plan might include unlimited calling minutes and text messages, but no integrations or similar advanced features. By upgrading to the next tier, you’d then be able to introduce integrations.

They do this to keep the most basic tier available for startups and small businesses, which still need a phone system but may have more limited budgets.

VoIP pricing is also typically calculated by the number of people using the system. So if you want to add six new employees, you’d have to pay the price of your chosen package for all six of them.

The telephony industry is moving from traditional copper wire landlines to more cost-effective and future-proof fiber optics. Carriers that offer traditional landlines, or public switched telephone networks (PSTN), are introducing VoIP as an option. With that said, we’re confident saying that the vast majority of VoIP-based solutions are moving in the right direction for businesses. 

Also, by their nature, VoIP solutions don’t require customers to maintain their own phone system equipment. This means that VoIP providers take care of the equipment for you, so you’re never going to run into a hardware problem you can’t fix.


One of the best things about business VoIP service providers is that, when they’re doing their job right, they make it really easy to get set up with a brand new VoIP system.

That’s because VoIP solutions don’t require you to install any hardware. You can just keep using the devices you’re already comfortable with, which saves a lot of time and effort you’d otherwise spend on getting to know a whole new set of devices.

With VBC in particular, you only need to create an account and potentially download their app on any devices you choose. Then you can simply log in and start making calls.

So, in short: It’s actually very easy to set up a VoIP system!

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