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Cloud Calling

With cloud calling solutions like Vonage Business Communications, you can leverage unified communications, advanced call-handling features, business messaging, and more.

Want to see how cloud calling optimizes business performance, boosts agility, and cuts costs? Speak to a Vonage expert today.

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What Is Cloud Calling?

Cloud calling, or cloud telephony, lets users make and receive phone calls over the internet — rather than via the traditional phone network. This process is managed by a third-party provider, which uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to facilitate phone calls — and, in some cases, video calls, SMS/MMS or text and multimedia messages, and file sharing.

In addition to streamlining internal communication and effective collaboration between colleagues, it can improve external customer communications as part of a VoIP call center.

Cloud Calling Software and So Much More

Some cloud calling services offer more than cloud phone calls. Vonage Business Communications (VBC), for instance, is a feature-rich unified communications solution with a wide variety of capabilities. From call queuing to visual voicemail, let’s explore what VBC has to offer:

VBC Mobile App

The VBC Mobile App empowers your employees with access to their business phone system wherever they are. Available on iOS and Android devices, the Mobile App provides access to video meetings, calls, SMS, and more.

HD Voice for Phone Calls

Enjoy advanced call quality and increase your Quality of Service (QoS) across mobile, web, desktop, and other devices. Available on all Vonage Business Communications applications to optimize call quality for your team and your customers.

Never Miss a Call

Away from the office? No problem. Route and manage incoming calls with VBC mobility features — Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, Follow Me, Voicemail, Do Not Disturb. You’ll never miss a call again.

Business SMS and MMS

Send and receive business SMS and MMS messages — texts, images, videos, and multimedia files — via your VBC number. Easily connect with customers on mobile devices in a way that’s convenient for both them and your employees — all while maintaining your business identity.

Local Business Phone Numbers

Connect with customers in a more personal way with a local business phone number. VBC gives you an unlimited amount of area codes, so you can establish a local presence in any location and win the trust of your customers.

Call Queues

Manage high call volumes and improve efficiency with customizable call queues. Place incoming calls into a virtual waiting room until the right representative is free to take the call. While callers wait, you can play hold music, share business news, and more.

Call Flip

Need to quickly switch devices while you’re on a call? Call Flip lets you do just that, without interrupting the connection. Seamlessly transfer calls from your desk to your mobile device (or vice-versa). The person on the other end won't even notice the switch!

Visual Voicemail

Receive voicemail transcripts directly to your email inbox, which you can access via desktop or mobile app. Transcripts appear in the email body with the phone number and link to the audio file. Streamline communications and stay up to date at all times.

AI Virtual Assistant

Unlock the power of AI with Vonage AI Virtual Assistant. Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and speech recognition, this feature can answer a customer, gauge their needs, and route calls appropriately. It can even resolve common issues and shorten wait times to maximize productivity.

How Does Cloud Calling Work?

When you make a cloud call, cloud telephony technology converts your analog voice signals into data packets.

These data packets are transmitted to the receiver over the internet and are routed via your VoIP service provider. Once the data packets reach their destination, they’re converted back into analog voice signals.

So there’s no need for traditional infrastructure like a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system — which can be highly advantageous for your business.


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Why Choose Cloud Calling Over Traditional Phone Systems?

More and more businesses are using cloud telephony. Startups are increasingly positioning themselves to be entirely cloud-native, while many established companies are switching from on-premises phone systems to VoIP.

Should you follow suit and switch from a traditional phone system? Here are some reasons why it might be a good idea:

  • Cost-Efficiency

Cloud calling services are a type of hosted phone system, which means you don’t need to purchase lots of expensive hardware or reserve funds for installation and maintenance. Providers often handle maintenance for you as part of your subscription. Plus, employees can use their own devices to help drive down costs even more.

  • Remote Work Flexibility

Cloud telephony empowers employees to take business calls, attend virtual meetings, and collaborate with colleagues in real time from virtually anywhere. Cloud-based calling uses VoIP, which enables you and your team to conduct business communications from internet-connected devices. Desktop, smartphone, tablet — the choice is yours.

  • Scalability

Want to open an office in a new location? Are you adding new team members or reducing seasonal staff? Cloud calling solutions allow you to more easily (and quickly) scale up or down in alignment with your immediate business needs.

  • Increased Productivity

Cloud calling can also improve productivity at scale. Having all your communications on one platform makes life much simpler. Plus, seamless integrations with other business software enable employees to do more in one interface — no switching necessary. Employees are freed up to focus more on the complex tasks that really need their attention.


Cloud Calling Is the Right Choice for Forward-Thinking Businesses

Customer expectations are evolving and employees are increasingly seeking remote or hybrid working opportunities. Today’s work landscape urges businesses to meet these demands. Enhancing communication efficiency with flexible and agile solutions is a way to future-proof your business.

Cloud calling can help. Look no further than Vonage Business Communications for streamlined remote collaboration, advanced call-handling features, and game-changing integrations.

Speak to a Vonage expert to discover what cloud calling could bring to your business.


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