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Virtual PBX

Modernize your business communications with Vonage’s virtual PBX solutions. Virtual PBX software allows you to manage all your incoming calls over an internet connection. What’s more, the right platform will also come with a whole array of features to help you deliver the top-quality service your customers expect.

Reach out to a Vonage expert today to learn how a virtual PBX phone system can transform how you do business.

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What Is Virtual PBX?

So, what is a virtual PBX system, exactly? Well, virtual PBX systems — also known as cloud PBX — use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to connect calls over the internet.

Unlike old-style private branch exchanges (that’s where “PBX” comes from), virtual private branch exchange systems don’t rely on complex infrastructure installed on-site. Instead, they’re cloud-based. This often makes them a better option for modern businesses.

All the Features of a Virtual PBX System and a Whole Lot More

If you want to future-proof your communications system, why not go one better? 

Since Vonage Business Communications (VBC) is a unified communications platform, it gives you all the benefits of standard virtual PBX services, plus a whole host of valuable features.


Multi-Line Business Phone System

Use up to three different phones on a single VBC extension. That means you can use the same phone number on a deskphone, smartphone, or softphone on your laptop. With multiple devices on one extension, you never miss a call — no matter where you are.

Business SMS and MMS

Send and receive text and multimedia messages through your business number on any device, including your personal phone. Maintain a consistent business identity via your VBC number as you reach out to customers and colleagues.

Virtual Receptionist

Make sure every call goes to the right place with the Vonage Virtual Receptionist. Also known as an auto attendant, this fully customizable feature lets you manage your phone menu and outgoing messages via the cloud, and uses smart routing so your customers get through to the right person every time.

Call Flip

Need to switch devices mid-call? That’s no problem with Call Flip. You can transfer a call from mobile to deskphone or vice versa instantly as needed. In fact, it’s so seamless that the person you’re talking to won’t even notice. This is particularly useful if you’re often on the move but don’t want to cut conversations short.

Local Business Phone Numbers

Add credibility to your outreach by adding local business phone numbers to your Vonage account. Establishing a local presence better supports your geo-specific marketing campaigns. Choose any area code you want and access reports through the Admin Portal to monitor each number’s performance.

On-Demand Call Recording

Need to listen to that crucial client conversation one more time? The VBC on-demand call recording add-on lets you do just that. Recordings are password-protected and accessible via the VBC Desktop and Mobile App. You can even share them via email for convenience or override existing messages notifying callers that they’re being recorded.

Visual Voicemail

Receive a transcript of your voicemail messages emailed directly to your inbox. With the Visual Voicemail add-on enabled, you can read your messages or listen to them as attached audio files via your Desktop or Mobile app.

Mobile App

Make and receive calls, send messages from your business number, and start or join video meetings — all through a single business mobile app. The VBC Mobile App is available for both iOS and Android devices and is a way to support remote or hybrid working.

Call Forwarding

Need a way to stay in touch with colleagues and customers from wherever you’re working? Call Forwarding can help. Send calls to a designated extension, a group of extensions, or use a staggered approach that forwards calls to up to five numbers.

The Benefits of Virtual PBX and Other Cloud-Based Communications Solutions

The question over the respective benefits of traditional versus hosted PBX systems is becoming arguably more one-sided by the day, as the advantages of modern virtual phone systems become ever more apparent.

Simply put, a virtual PBX service or other cloud-based solution offers a variety of benefits for organizations big and small. That’s especially true of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platforms like VBC.

Here are just a few of the benefits you could enjoy with a cloud-based communications platform:


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Cost Savings

Traditional wired PBX systems typically involve a hefty capital investment in complex telephony infrastructure. Additionally, all of it has to be regularly maintained by expert technicians, and upgrades aren’t usually budget-friendly, either. Hiring new employees? Well, whenever a new user gets set up on the system, it takes time and adds to the overall cost.


So, there’s a lot to be said for keeping your PBX virtual. As your service infrastructure is hosted elsewhere and you simply access it via VoIP technology, virtual PBX generally proves to be more cost-effective. The flexibility of such systems typically means you’re not left paying for services or maintenance you don’t need.


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Wider Range of Features

While legacy wired systems were primarily designed for making and receiving phone calls, UCaaS and virtual PBX platforms are much more adaptable to the modern business environment. They offer a wider range of features and integrations with other business applications.


In addition, these systems can pivot more quickly because they’re cloud-based. Providers can easily roll out new features as fast as they become available. That means you have speedier access to additional functionality without having to upgrade your physical infrastructure.



Another useful aspect of virtual PBX VoIP and UCaaS systems is that you can scale up or down as required.


This isn’t the case with legacy systems, where adding new users generally means installing new equipment. This can be pretty time-consuming, particularly if your business is growing fast and you need to add a large number of people at once.


With a hosted phone system, it’s simpler to set up additional user accounts — usually in just a few clicks. All you need is an internet connection and a device for each user to connect with.


And, if you want to downsize at any point, removing them is just as easy. This flexibility is particularly useful if your organization’s staffing volumes vary seasonally.


contact center agent at her desk with laptop open showing Vonage Business Communications embedded within Salesforce

Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility is another key advantage of UCaaS and virtual PBX. While legacy infrastructure is rooted to the spot and can’t be easily moved, cloud-based systems represent easy flexibility and on-the-go convenience.


In a world where hybrid and remote work are increasingly popular options, using UCaaS and virtual PBX for business operations just makes sense.


Via a virtual PBX server, your team can connect from virtually anywhere and access all kinds of business communications at any time of the day.


Virtual PBX Functionality and Plenty More on One Unified Platform

Empower your employees to connect, collaborate, and deliver exceptional results with the Vonage Business Communications (VBC) platform. With VBC, you can leverage unified communications across your whole organization. 

VBC puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s a fully customizable solution that’s flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

Reach out to a Vonage expert to learn more about how VBC can work for your business.


Virtual PBX FAQs

On-premises PBX systems are the traditional landline telephony setups that rely on wiring and other phone infrastructure located within a business premises.

By contrast, virtual PBX systems are cloud-based, with infrastructure hosted on the service provider’s servers. To access a virtual PBX system, users simply connect a device to the internet, and all communications are routed online.


They’re connected, but they’re not quite the same thing. VoIP is the technology that enables you to make voice calls online rather than over the traditional copper-wire network.

PBX, meanwhile, is the name given to the telephone system a business uses to route and manage calls.

Virtual PBX makes use of VoIP for the management of business calls, rather than physical telephony infrastructure.


Virtual PBX typically provides greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness than legacy phone systems.

UCaaS takes this a step further by delivering an integrated communications platform that comes with a whole host of additional features. That makes it a terrific choice for any business looking for an all-round communications solution.


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