QoS on any network? If there’s a WAN there’s a way.

Using video, online collaboration tools, and other bandwidth-intensive cloud applications doesn’t have to degrade your real-time business communications or call quality. SmartWAN, our SD-WAN solution, can ensure that you get voice quality without compromising on privacy and control, even on your bring-your-own-broadband or hybrid network.

You needed WAN optimization for UCaaS. So, we made it happen.

As pioneers in deploying SD-WAN (software defined WAN) for UCaaS, Vonage’s SmartWAN provides elevated quality of service on your existing network connection. Ensure your key unified communications have the bandwidth they need without compromising call continuity and call quality. It’s communications QoS without the cost of a private network.

What is SD-WAN? And why is using it for communications revolutionary?

SD-WAN stands for software defined WAN. WAN stands for wide-area network, and SD-WAN uses software to create a network over large geographic distances. When you use SD-WAN optimization for UCaaS, you can route and prioritize data over your business’s data networks—including private circuits, commercial broadband lines, and even 4G LTE connections—to ensure better communication quality.

Broadband Connection Cords

Abundant failovers. Abundant availability.

The best solutions applying SD-WAN to UCaaS allow users to pick from multiple networks. Our WAN optimization solution can help smooth out bumps in service and keep calls from dropping by creating fail-safes on multiple broadband connections. If single provider outages occur, service is seamlessly transferred through another route for maximum uptime reliability. It can even use wireless to ensure your communications always have bandwidth.

Cloud-based video conferencing

Flexible and affordable hybrid networks when you need them

With SmartWAN you can structure a hybrid network among multiple locations and get QoS regardless of whether you’re connecting via broadband, a private MPLS network, or wireless. Our SD-WAN hybrid solutions maximize QoS while maintaining the control and privacy you get with a managed MPLS network.

Smarter traffic routing

Active, smarter monitoring and traffic prioritization

Our WAN solutions automatically route traffic to the available network path. It can recognize 2,000+ application routes and prioritize traffic by application. This dynamic, multipath optimization delivers the highest quality experience. And because SD-WAN optimization technology constantly searches for the best possible path for real-time communication data to take, communications are always properly prioritized. It’s like getting bigger bandwidth but only when you have traffic congestion.

Video, video, video: Reducing costs on your favorite data-heavy functions

Video communications, like video conferencing, can use a tremendous amount of bandwidth and require a degree of prioritization and specialized handling to perform well over a given network. Many businesses have moved their video and voice capabilities—along with countless other mission-critical apps and services—to the cloud. By using the cloud with SD-WAN technology, businesses get the best of both worlds: quality communications with fewer expenses.

SDWAN for UCaaS: Optimizing bandwidth on any network

The application of SD-WAN to UCaaS is transforming business communications. Take a deeper look at how businesses are successfully using this technology, its substantial savings, and the implications for your network quality of service in this free eBook.

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From the Perspectives Blog

Quality voice, video, and data with an unbelievable uptime. Boom.
Bandwidth prioritization
Assure performance of your voice, video, and real time business features with traffic prioritization on your bandwidth.
Encrypt traffic in a mix of cloud and MPLS deployment with a hybrid VPN. This zero-touch, enterprise-class SD-WAN solution provides optimized connectivity to Vonage services.
Firewall optimization
SD-WAN provides a fully functional Application Layer Firewall and replaces both personal firewalls and routers with this one service from Vonage.
Seamless failover in case of link failure, when using two or more network connections. SD-WAN offers active and standby paths at site eliminating single point of failure.
Congestion prevention
Real-time applications like voice and video get higher priority—congestion prevention at the edge, combined with smart QoS controls, are hosted and managed in the Vonage core.
Performance statistics
Detailed visibility for your link and application performance statistics using our Zeus and SD-WAN portals. Get quality score, alerts, events, and remote diagnostics capabilities.


Reimagine how business gets done

From cloud-hosted phones on your current broadband to UCaaS solutions on a dedicated network, Vonage is partnering with businesses like yours, in ways never imagined. Cost-effective ways. Revenue-building ways. Once thought impossible ways.

Vonage® Business Cloud
Robust, intuitive, and small business friendly:

99.999% uptime reliability¹

Runs on your high-speed internet connection

Enhanced quality of service with SD-WAN technology available

40+ features to help you customize your business communications

Mobile and desktop applications enable mobile working and virtual teams

High-quality voice, point to point video, and messaging

Includes the Amazon Chime Pro tier, offering chat, screen share, video and web conferencing

Integrates with the business applications you use everyday

Easily scales as your business grows

Simple activation and setup with 24/7 customer support

Month-to-month contracts available

Vonage® Enterprise
Enterprise-grade unified communications:

Enterprise-grade unified communications

Hybrid network and bring your own broadband options with SD-WAN

One of the nation’s largest purpose-built MPLS networks

Elevated quality of service for voice, video, and data communications

Advanced features including conferencing for up to 300 users

Mobile and desktop applications enable mobile working and virtual teams

Reliable and scalable solutions for inbound, outbound, and multi-site contact centers

Deep integration ties phone service to top business applications

End-to-end managed installation and dedicated service teams

Find out how Vonage can help your business communicate better.

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