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What Is the Best Call Center Software for Small Businesses?

This article was updated on April 9, 2024

The right call center software can revolutionize how you run your small business. You deserve a system that improves performance, helps your agents do their jobs better, and can scale with you as you grow — all without increasing costs. Let’s explore how to find call center software that fits your needs.

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What to Look For in Call Center Software

The call center software your small business uses has a huge impact on how staff can do their jobs and the kind of service customers receive. Ideally, you want software that gives you all the features you need, like:

Your small business call center software should also be built with smaller operations in mind, allowing you the flexibility and scalability you need to meet your needs today, and grow with you in the future.

In this article, we’ll answer commonly asked questions like:

  • What systems do most call centers use? Which are nice-to-haves vs. need-to-haves?

  • How do you choose a good call center software for your small business? What should you be looking for to meet your needs?

What Is a Cloud-Based Call Center?

Cloud call center software offers one centralized virtual business location where all customer communications are dealt with. Vonage offers a customizable solution that blends customer data with interactions to enhance staff and customer experiences.

Note that there is a difference between call centers and contact centers. Basically, call centers focus on delivering customer service over the phone. Contact centers expand that to include other channels — text, chatbots, email, and more.

If you need a full-blown, omnichannel contact center, Vonage Contact Center fits the bill. For businesses, especially SMBs, that need something less complex, Vonage’s Unified Communications solutions can provide an affordable, robust type of “contact center lite” that can add 50+ features like call routing, call queues, call forwarding, and more to a basic call center.

What Programs Are Used in Call Centers?

As a small business owner, offering your customers phone support is a great way to connect and deliver that human touch while providing information they need about your company. But it requires the right tools to manage a call center effectively, get the most from your staff, and deliver the best experience to your customers. 

What is cloud call center software? There are many types of call center software with features that can really help you stand out above the rest. Here are some of the most commonly used and best call center services for small businesses that you should look for:

  1. Automated Resources — Provide consistent service to customers using resources like call scripts

  2. Call Escalation — Escalate complex customer issues to solve them quickly

  3. Chatbots — Harness the power of AI chatbots, so customers can ask questions and engage with your brand straight from your website

  4. Cloud-Based Calling (VoIP) — Use internet-based phone service for better scalability and price

  5. Cloud Native — Create seamless workflows with a fully cloud-native system that can be accessed from anywhere

  6. CRM Integration — See details about a customer to provide personalized service during a call

  7. Customized Dashboards — Customize what agents see during a call to include exactly what matters most to your business

  8. Call Routing — Get incoming customer calls to the right agents with an automatic call distribution system (ACD)

  9. Gamification — Encourage increased staff efficiency with built-in performance tracking and competition

  10. Global Voice Assurance — Use local telephone capabilities to make sure you can be heard and understood around the world

  11. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) — Cut down on staff time used to gather basic information from customers

  12. Local Number — Increase customer answer rates by using a locally-based number

  13. Metrics — Learn more about call volume, agent efficiency, and traffic trends

  14. Minimal Setup — Reduce the need for IT support with software that operates intuitively

  15. Omnichannel — Manage voice calls, emails, texts, and live chat all in one place

  16. Outbound Calling — Make calls to customers quick and easy

  17. Quality Management Metrics — Simplify the quality management system with easy-to-use metrics

  18. Scalable Pricing — Pay for the features and call volume you have, and adjust when you need

  19. Workforce Management — Maximize customer service potential with productivity monitoring

Which Software Is Best for a Call Center?

Ultimately, the best cloud call center solutions and software are the ones that serve your business best. When your agents have the tools they need in a platform that’s easy to use, they can deliver better service to your customers. Happier and more engaged customers, in turn, can increase your pipeline, make sales cycles short, and facilitate more satisfaction with delivery. There are even more benefits to choosing the right call center software, including:

  • Controlling software costs

  • Increasing staff satisfaction and efficiency

  • Enabling more first-call solutions for your customers

What CRM Tools Are Used in a Call Center?

Customer Resource Management (CRM) tools are integral to good customer service, and a call center needs to integrate with your existing tools. Commonly used CRM tools that seamlessly integrate with Vonage’s solution include:

At Vonage , our goal is to give you an affordable system that improves agent performance, helps themn do their jobs better, and scales as you grow. Want to know more? Check out how our Unified Communications solution can help your small business thrive.

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