Vonage Business Cloud

Work smarter with our unified communications platform: seamlessly connect via voice, chat, text messaging or video, virtually anywhere.

A Communications Platform
that Delivers Results

Vonage Business Cloud goes beyond small business phone service. Our powerful features deliver value by giving you the right balance of flexibility and control, so you can work smarter, collaborate easier and take care of business on the go.

A Better Connection
on Any Network

Vonage offers a 99.999% uptime reliability¹, keeping you productive in the office or on the go. We also offer SD-WAN, which provides additional bandwidth without the cost of a private network. This reliability is crucial for industries such as retail, which require a robust connection during a busy season.

¹The 99.999% uptime claim is based on an average of Vonage Business's call availability.

Ready for Every Spike in Sales
Learn How Vonage Impacts Retail

Connect With Customers
in Real Time

Whether your customers need a consultation, help troubleshooting, or to place an order, Nexmo APIs makes every interaction clear, instant and seamless. This technology allows industries like healthcare to put patients in touch with doctors the moment they’re sick.
Real-time Communication in Practice
Discover How Vonage Is Transforming Healthcare

Make Your Workforce
More Productive

The Vonage Business Cloud increases efficiency by integrating with the most widely used cloud-based applications. For example, insurance companies often integrate Salesforce with Vonage in order to get voice and sales on one easy-to-use interface.
A Seamless Workflow on One Interface
See How Insurance Is Optimized With Vonage
¹The 99.999% uptime claim is based on an average of Vonage Business's call availability.

Discover How Vonage Can Transform Your Business

Stay up and running all day, every day and keep shoppers coming back with enhanced, scalable communications.
Take your firm to the next level when you increase accountability and capture billable hours on the phone automatically.
Bring innovative technology to all your customer interactions to run your firm more efficiently and gain access to analytics and reporting.
Cut costs with more efficiencies. Increase reliability and accountability. Create better patient communications.
Manage claims more efficiently. Ensure a professional presence. Optimize your agency’s daily workflow.
Mobilize your agents. Increase productivity. Get the features that will help you beat out the competition.
Manage more calls. Automate and simplify your record keeping. Get features that optimize your work day.
Elevate the customer experience with reliable cost-efficient business communications in the cloud.
With dependable cloud communications you can transform your operations and work from virtually anywhere.
Collaborate and expand your workspace with mobile integration. Grow your communication presence beyond phone calls.
Communications technology for every kind of franchise. Easy-to-implement with franchise-favorable pricing.

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