Customer Service VoiceBot

Provide fast, scalable, cost-effective customer service with an AI-powered voice application.

How It Works

Reduce time to resolution with the help of AI.
Customer calls seeking support.
The customer calls with questions about specific products or services. The AI-powered Customer Service VoiceBot answers the caller's questions, offering the closest and most direct responses possible. Say a customer is looking for information on setting up a specific IoT printer for their office. The bot can offer detailed, step-by-step instructions delivered in real time.
Customer opts for escalation to a customer service agent.
If the customer's needs are more nuanced — maybe they’re having trouble connecting the printer to the office’s secure WPA2-Enterprise server — the Customer Service VoiceBot asks if they'd like to be connected to a live contact or call center agent.
A contact or call center agent receives the customer's information.
Before connecting with the customer, the contact center agent automatically receives an outline of the customer's inquiries so they can prepare an accurate and focused response.
The contact center agent assists the customer.
Equipped with the right information, the agent promptly connects with the customer and provides targeted assistance —. Questions are resolved on the first call, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Talk To Customers Their Way

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Provide better information more quickly.
The right answers in real time.
AI-powered voice search capabilities eliminate the drudgery of calling customer service and waiting on hold for product experts — or, worse, receiving unsatisfactory responses to queries. The Customer Service VoiceBot provides the answers callers need faster than ever with rich, real-time voice communication.
Resolution on the first call.
If a caller needs to escalate their query to a customer care agent, automated support contact between the agent and caller provides faster resolution of the issue. With caller query information automatically relayed to the care agent, more issues are resolved with just one call, saving your company time and money.

How can Vonage Help?
Reduce the need for live Tier 1 support.
The Customer Service VoiceBot answers most callers' questions quickly and effectively, eliminating the need for a large team of live agents and saving time and money for better overall resource allocation.
Easily scalable.
Scalable implementation is simple, allowing for the ingestion of more product information and additional options as needed.
Maintain inquiry context.
A contact center agent can closely follow the caller's prior communications, maintaining the important context they need to achieve first-call resolution.
Resolve customer inquiries faster.
Real-time communications between customer and AI — and, if necessary, between customer and live agent — are simplified, with no long wait times and no need for callers to repeat information. This means enhanced engagement, more satisfied customers, and improved lead and revenue generation.
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