Sentiment Analysis

Transcribe and analyze calls using dashboard graphs, lists of frequently used words, and overall call highlights.

How It Works

Go beyond call recording.
Start your conversation.
Whether you’re meeting as a group internally, dialing prospects, or fielding support calls, sentiment analysis begins as soon as you kick off.
Pinpoint audio transcription.
Once the conversation begins a Vonage AI partner will transcribe all audio data into text to prep it for analysis.
Turn phone calls into facts.
The speech-to-text analytics are then presented via several graphs. These showcase important KPIs such as overall sentiment, frequently used words, and more. Decision-makers can then categorize these to build scorecards and reports, helping to make more informed decisions.

Communications API Integration

Download this exclusive Frost & Sullivan whitepaper, and learn about a sustainable approach to CPaaS and communications API integration.



Improve customer engagement and internal collaboration through speech analytics.
Achieve a deeper understanding of customer sentiment.
Use dynamic, AI-powered speech analytics to evaluate and understand client reactions, interactions between staff and customers, and meetings between team members. Leverage patterns and data that are otherwise indiscernible to create predictive models for complex human behavior.
Strengthen internal workflow and customer engagement.
Use the power of data to improve long-term engagement with customers as well as staff relationships and morale. A better understanding of what was said — and how — can produce actionable intelligence for company-wide distribution, resulting in easily replicable best practices and better overall quality management.
Never miss another action item.
Turn Sentiment Analysis into your team’s virtual assistant. It automatically transcribes your meeting notes, tracking action items, due dates, outstanding questions, and more, compiling them all in one place for participants’ reference.

Building Blocks

a Vonage AI Partner

How can Vonage Help?
Assess your marketing ROI.
Mine meaning from custom speech analytics categories to validate marketing campaigns and determine their revenue-generating power.
Improve analytics and get insights faster.
It's costly and time-consuming to have staff score even a fraction of all incoming and outgoing calls. With sophisticated speech analytics, obtain customized reporting on all call data, then use the analysis to improve everything from customer experience and training to upsells and compliance.
Collect actionable data — internally and externally.
Action without data is simply guesswork. Sentiment Analysis gives businesses real, measurable intelligence from live customers to refine their CRM, inform lead nurture processes, and even improve their UI, using accurate, predictable trends. Internally, Sentiment Analysis keeps everyone on the same page with detailed meeting notes that capture important tasks and next steps in one file for easy distribution.
Find out how Vonage can help your business communicate better.

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