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Your customers expect outstanding service, and you expect to give it to them—but that’s just the basics. Vonage's contact center built for Salesforce lets your people deliver a personalized, engaging experience every time.
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Vonage Contact Center designed for Salesforce for customer service

See how our contact center built for Salesforce allows customer service teams to understand each customer, inside and out.

Contact Center for Service Teams

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Make personal calls work hard

Make every conversation a personal service.

  • Dynamic call routing, intelligent IVR, and omnichannel capabilities mean customers reach the right place
  • Deep Salesforce integration means complete engagement histories, from every channel
  • Solve problems the first time, smooth tricky conversations, add insight to everyday queries, and create customer experiences that set you apart
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Make clear connections

Customers feel better served when they feel truly heard.

  • Omnichannel capability, unparalleled communication infrastructure, and exceptional voice quality let you handle crucial moments effortlessly
  • Make every customer feel like a VIP, across multiple channels
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Help everyone get it right, every time

Our integrated tools help make best practice your only practice.

  • Automatically transcribes and analyzes recordings to see how your people are handling hot calls
  • Activity tracking and management tools help you identify, emulate, and spread successful approaches
  • Gamification can get your people to push themselves to do their best on every call

Salesforce for Service Features

Omni-channel routing

Route Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce voice and Salesforce email, chat, SMS, video, and social channels together using the same business logic to provide a more consistent customer experience, boost operational efficiency, and reduce contact center headaches.

Intelligent routing

Dynamically route incoming voice communications and Salesforce digital channels based on anything you know about a customer, including the product they bought, where they are in their contract, or if they have an open support case.

Single global call plan

Use a single global call plan to distribute your calls globally, consolidate administration and reporting, save time, and more.

Click-to-dial and telephony

Make it easy for reps to call customers using click-to-dial from within Salesforce, while integrating the telephony with your existing PBX or using WebRTC.

Coaching and call logging

Monitor any conversation, whisper discreetly during it, and easily access automatically logged call recordings.

User experience

Salesforce users can have omnichannel conversations from within Salesforce, as well as set their availability across all channels, check queue activity, and peek at peer presence.

Omni-channel analytics and reporting

Use real-time customizable dashboards and wallboards, receive historical insights from within Salesforce reports and while using Einstein, and rely on the widest set of voice and Salesforce digital channels data pushed into Salesforce.

Speech analytics

Conversation Analyzer transcribes, tags, and analyzes customer conversations, which are then automatically logged into Salesforce objects, like contacts, cases, and custom objects.

Chatbot integration

Improve the experience for customers stuck in chatbot conversations by using Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce—and the same routing rules that govern your other channels—to carefully route them to the best available agents.

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UK toll-free number: +44 800 086 9444