HR Chatbot

Streamline the interviewing and hiring process with a social media-integrated chatbot.

How It Works

AI makes it easier to apply.
A candidate initiates a conversation with the HR chatbot.
When a candidate finds an employment listing on your website, in your app, or on your social channels, they open a dialogue window with the chatbot by typing the "apply" command.
Real-time communication gathers candidate data.
The chatbot responds with open-ended data-mining inquiries such as name and phone number. If the applicant is deemed a good candidate based on the parameters you program into the bot, they receive an automated SMS message with available times to select an interview.
The interview is scheduled.
Once the candidate chooses an interview time, the chatbot collects their information into an HR database. The candidate receives dial-in information for their phone interview.

Talk To Candidates Their Way

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Empower applicants and HR personnel with automation.
Simplify the candidate vetting process.
Because you can program specific parameters related to candidates’ skills and experience into the HR Chatbot, the screening process is fully automated, improving accountability and freeing up your HR staff of tedious, manual resume checking. Candidates that meet the position's qualifications receive immediate alerts and potential interview times, and HR receives only the most relevant candidate data, allowing them to move more quickly on hiring decisions.
Improve candidate communications.
The chatbot gathers, organizes, and stores applicant information in an HR database, helping to improve accountability and shorten follow-up time. With the right tools and integrations, conference calls can then be scheduled automatically for quicker turnaround and improved process workflow.

Building Blocks

How can Vonage Help?
Familiar interfaces, simple processes.
The modern job candidate is familiar with chatbots and prefers SMS for communication. The HR Chatbot gives candidates a centralized and convenient way to apply for positions, get real-time feedback, and feel more empowered and comfortable about the entire application process.
Deliver responses in real time.
Traditionally, candidates had to wait days or even weeks for a follow-up response from HR personnel. Now, candidates receive timely SMS alerts when a recruiter indicates interest in their profile, leading to better engagement.
The search is simpler for recruiters.
Searching for the right candidates becomes simple, streamlined, and transparent for recruiters as well. A user-friendly interface and automated scheduling and conferencing options let recruiters focus on the candidates themselves instead of getting bogged down in logistics.
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