Smart Alerts

Drive business to your auto dealership or retail store with timely promotions and maintenance reminders via SMS.

How It Works

Automate service reminders for customers.
Staff receives a notification that a customer's car will soon require maintenance.
By integrating with car monitoring systems, the auto dealership receives up-to-the-minute service information on a customer's upcoming maintenance needs.
The customer receives an SMS reminder.
Maintenance reminders, with optional promotions, are automatically sent directly to the customer via SMS.
The customer schedules an appointment.
Upon receiving the reminder, the customer can then schedule an appointment at the service facility.

Talk To Customers Their Way

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Steer repeat business your way.
Turn car buyers into repeat customers.
Smart Alerts uses prescheduled SMS to send promotional and maintenance reminders to target customers. This helps encourage repeat business after customers drive off the lot, keeping them engaged long-term and making it less likely they'll choose a competitor for service needs.
Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
It's easy for busy customers to forget about routine car maintenance, which can lead to costlier, more extensive repairs down the road. And in an emergency, a desperate driver will turn to whomever's service is closest. By regularly reminding customers of the need for maintenance and providing them with money-saving promotions, customers will be more likely to choose your dealership, leading to increased loyalty, repeat business, and referrals.

How can Vonage Help?
Enriched customer engagement yields higher returns.
Buying a car doesn't have to be a one-time transaction. Auto dealerships can better reconnect with their customers through scheduled promotions, maintenance reminders, and more. By encouraging buyers to return for services or sales, dealerships will see better ROI and increased profit.
Targeted marketing produces more effective results.
Dealerships can improve their overall marketing strategies by pinpointing customers they know will take advantage of their sales or services based on necessity, rather than impulse or urgent need.
Recoup lost revenue.
Dealerships that stay engaged with customers can more easily showcase their value prop — increasing revenue as a result. By sending automatic updates, dealerships encourage their customers to conduct repeat business with them instead of going to a competitor for service in a moment of emergency.
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