Social Media Chatbot

Make shopping for items like cars, appliances, and furniture simpler and more accessible for your customers with an AI-powered, Facebook-integrated chatbot.

How It Works

Make the sale that sells itself.
A customer opens the Social Media Chatbot link in a retailer’s Facebook post.
A retailer shares a Facebook post with a link to the Social Media Chatbot. A customer clicks the link and opens a chat.
The chatbot presents shopping results.
The customer identifies features they want in their product — color, size, style, price range — narrowing the search results and filtering the recommendations from the retailer's inventory. When a customer is satisfied with their results, they can opt to speak to a live salesperson to initiate a purchase.
The customer connects to a live agent to complete the sale.
A customer who wants to speak to a live salesperson receives an SMS with the rep's phone number. The salesperson is automatically notified when the customer requests a call and is given all refined search data to appropriately and intelligently complete the purchase.

Talk To Customers Their Way

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Turn followers into customers.
Make customer purchases more precise.
The AI-powered Social Media Chatbot quickly offers a narrow spectrum of refined results based on buyer preferences. This facilitates a smoother search experience and leads the customer to the final stages of the sales funnel.
Create a direct sales link on social media.
The Social Media Chatbot interacts with customers in a fun and intelligent manner, fostering better engagement. It also provides a direct sales link to specific items as well as live sales assistance should the customer wish to move forward with a purchase.

Building Blocks

Facebook Chatbot

How can Vonage Help?
Make the purchase process less stressful.
The Social Media Chatbot is an innovative and fun way for retailers to engage buyers and streamline the decision-making process. Not only does it provide a better, less stressful sales experience for the customer, it also provides a modern draw for retailers that generate more purchases.
Customers can engage anytime, anywhere.
The Social Media Chatbot works on the customer's time, providing an informative guide consumers can easily interact with at their leisure.
Informed salespeople close more sales.
Providing sales teams with the customer's inquiry details before the live sales call helps to close the sale more efficiently.
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